The Vampire Diaries Review: "Haunted"

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RIP, Vicki.

For those that missed this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, or would simply like a refresher, check out our "Haunted" episode guide now. Below, we review the hour through a series of questions...

Is ignorance bliss? Did Vicki make the right decision by having Damon brainwash Jeremy? He might be free from the painful memories of Vicki's death, but it doesn't seem like a good idea for a vampire to mess with her fragile brother's head. Who knows what sort of connection Damon now has to the Gilbert family. Will be interesting to keep an eye on.

Sexy Nurse

Is Mrs. Stratton more than human? It was almost an unnoticed footnote to the episode, considering the major death that took place later on, but Damon's failure to hypnotize Tyler's mom was fascinating. We already knew she's hunting vampires... but might she be one herself?!? Or might she, and the Founder's Council, possess the secrets to overcoming their powers?

Did Elena really guilt trip Damon? This was the question foremost on our minds after the episode ended. Why did Damon actually erase Jeremy's memory? Sure, Elena laid on the guilt rather thick after Vicki was killed, but Damon never seemed like the type to be affected by, well, emotions of any kind. He must be up to something. We can't wait to see what dastardly plan Damon has in mind.

One thing we can do without: anything involving Bonnie and her over-the-top grandmother, played by Jasmine Guy. When we're actually witnessing the violent actions of vampires, it's hard to get invested in mere stories about witches.

What was your favorite part of the episode? Below, we've listed a few Vampire Diaries quotes from the evening...

Elena: You did this. This is your fault.
Damon: You confuse me with someone with remorse. | permalink
Damon: Come on Vicki. Live a little. No pun intended. | permalink
Jeremy: Why does everyone have to die on me? | permalink
Vicki: Why do I need to pee? I thought I was dead. | permalink

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at least not yet.


I like the witch story. I don't think it is something you need to get hugely invested in.


firstly, there's an error in this post. i think you mean 'did ELENA make the right decision' not vicki.
anyway moving on. yes vervain was in that bracelet as everyone has pointed out.
in my opinion, damon was somewhat affected but that definitely wasn't his main motive. i think this has a link to what shocks elena down the track...
also, i expected damon to use vicki to get the council off their trail by leading them to her. it would've been killing two birds with one stone. they don't have to take care of an annoying vicki and the town gets the impression that they've gotten rid of the vampire at work. i don't know why they didn't do that, although i understand that that plotline is still being fleshed out.
i'm still not liking bonnie coz sometimes she doesn't really seem like a friend to elena. her witch scenes are kind of boring too, but i'm trying to be open to her becoming much better in the near future. hopefully that happens real soon !
and omg. stefan and elena needed to kiss at the end of the episode. argh ! hated how he was so dull in this episode though.


i just wish theyd give stefan some damn lines! haha


"me", I think exactly like you. Bonnie is my fav. after Damon. And I love the books!


I LOVED THE EPISODE!!!!! The show is getting really good! I want to see more of Damon, though. Maybe they should have a scene where he tries to come onto Elena or Bonnie. Damon might be schemeing. I think he is. And they need a new history teacher on there!!!!!


Um yeah mrs. Stratton had vervain in her bracelet keeping her from being controled cuz thats what damon and her were talking about the entire time. And Bonnie and her grandma is really interesting especially cuz Bonnie being a witch is super super important!!!!(Btw i read the book even though the show and book are completely different it has the samish concepts but barely)Plus I do think that whole erasing jeremy's mind is just going to backfire badly. And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Damon and he might be scheing something or he really does care what elena has to say about him though i think hes in denial :) LOVE the show its getting really good but they need to get Bonnie more into the story! She's my favorite character after Damon!


yeah i dunno how you guys missed that...mrs stratton had verbadim or whatever in her bracelet like Elena had in her necklace which is why she cant be hypnotized. also i think damon was someone effected my elenas words, when elena told damon that is has to effect him in some way. It was kind of the same thing when elena told him sorry for katherines death in the kitchen in one of the first couple episodes. He looked touched. Elena has a way of touching Damon. Also... I LOVED damon and stefan working as a team this episode...they were actually acting like was SO cute...
best line ever....vicki runs away..
Damon "My Bad..."


Okay, ummmmmm, I loved Bonnie and I'm sensing she's going to grow as a character and a witch, and I'm looking forward for that story lines. I f you haven't noticed her great great great great grandmother is Katherine's maid from 1864. And I want more scenes with her and Damon, that one scene was AWESOME. So I cannot do without anything involving Bonnie. Sorry...


Mrs Stratton couldn't be hypnotized because of the bracelet she was wearing. Damon kept looking at it after his efforts failed - it must contain that herb that Elena has in her necklace, that wards off vampires. Because he turns the conversation around to it the moment he notices it... Loved this episode!

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