Todd Stashwick Cast on Heroes

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Samuel Sullivan's carnival is about to grow.

Todd Stashwick has landed a recurring role on Heroes. He'll play a character named Eli that is part of the show's traveling, shady carnival storyline. Eli will have close ties to Robert Knepper's Samuel.

Todd Stashwick

Tessa Thompson debuted this week on the series as Becky, another member of Samuel's evil group.

Over the last year, Stashwich has guest-starred on Supernatural and The Mentalist, among other shows.

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*Yawn* I can't believe there are people who actually care about these carnies. I couldn't care less if a tornado blew their circus away.
They're stringing out what they're actually after for way too long I've lost interest. If they want to recreate the mystery of a character such as HRG in S1 then they need to write the characters to be likeable (whether goodies/baddies whatever), and I don't mean make the character nice (HRG never was).
I'm so sick of getting these new dull characters when they're threatening to kill off potential fan favourites.

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