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It's always a highlight of our week. Below are excerpts from New York Magazine's reality index of the previous night's Gossip Girl, a column never to be missed.

We've posted our official episode recap of "How to Succeed in Bassness." Now, some highlights from NY Mag and its writers' nonsensical, yet thorough analysis:

  • When Serena showed up at Dan's Brooklyn apartment in a red satin halter top and miniskirt, we assumed it was because she was dressed for the opening of Chuck's club. Nope! Just Serena's everyday office look. Plus 1.
  • Chuck calls Serena at home. She answers on a land line. Minus 1.
  • Nate has totally been reading Endless Nights blogs. Plus 1.
  • What is the deal with Eric's visor? Minus 1.
  • We have a few questions about Serena's job. First of all, why does she still have it? Why does she have an office? Why is she taking it all so seriously? Why does she expect everyone else to take it so seriously? Minus 5.
  • Chuck says the club will have a door policy like "the Gates." Which was a nice touch, because the club scene was in fact filmed at the Gates. Plus 1.
  • Lily and Rufus's handing out Halloween candy wouldn't have conflicted with them going to Chuck's party, since kids trick or treat at like 4. Minus 2.
  • Oh, and of course Chuck is planning on serving moonshine, which is totally going to be the elderflower cordial of recession-recovering NYC. Plus 2.
  • The writers named Endless Nights star Patrick Roberts after Twilight's Robert Pattinson. It would have been more fun if they'd actually gotten Pattinson to guest star, but after the Mark Hamill joke, they never will. But Plus only 1, because there's no way Serena or K.C. know who Mark Hamill is.

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    Don't get the joke either and as for Patrick Roberts and Robert Pattinson I never would have put the two and two together and I am a Twihard


    Points should have been deducted for Olivia wearing Blair's headband to Chuck's club opening. Extremely unrealistic seeing as Blair and Olivia have never spoken a single word to each other that I recall.


    Sorry! I meant Mark Hamill (joke)


    What Mark Hamilton joke? I've been dying to understand that, someone please answer!! Patrick Roberts - I knew something was off with that name!! But seriously clever,lol


    wanna know what I love most from the episode?
    Blair's cardigan which she wore in Serena's room when C called! totally gorgeous!!
    GG Insider please find out where they got that...I want one!!!!!!


    Why would Serena even consider taking that job? Upper East Side Princess delivering chai-lattes and underwear?? Makes no sense. Wouldn't she be more appropriately placed in a "assistant director" position at an art gallery, with or without relevant qualifications, just based on Lily Bass's contacts and would-be art buyer friends alone?

    Joy waldass

    @Javo Bass 1st: 2x07 'Chuck in Real Life' 2nd: It happens right after jenny and eric talk in the club opening and then Eric asks where's her minions. Then it goes to the minions throwing eggs at poor Jonathan :(


    I think that NY Mag needs to check its facts a little.... eric wore the visor because he is in costume... Chuck calls serena at work not at home, thats why she answers on the landline. Serena still has her job so she can prove herself to her mother, that she didnt just skip out on college for no reason. I normally love this rating every week, this one was weak. Although robert pattinson=pattrick roberts... that was so great.


    Hi everyone, i got a question, in the preview of the episode appear Vanessa showing the club to Chuck, i never seen that part, in which episode appear???
    And in the trailer of this episode, appear the part when the mean girls hit Jonathan with eggs, but i didnt see in the episode.
    Somebody can help me??
    xoxo. GG.


    I dont like the Twilight touch at all. I'm a Twifan, I thought this 'touch' was sort of weak. And what about that joke? I don't understand! xD


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