Vampire Diaries Producer: Fans Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

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We're just a few hours away from a major Vampire Diaries episode, and we were gonna let fans sit back and wait for "Lost Girls."

But producer Kevin Williamson is so excited about the hour, we wanted to alert fans to his thoughts on it.

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Williamson said he was pleased viewers liked his show so far, but: “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

“Wait until you see this one! It’s like the second half of the [last week’s] episode,” he said of tonight's episode. “Elena has to know. The story doesn’t start until she does... now the story starts.”

Ready for a Story?

What can he tell us about this evening's installment? Only good thing.

“You are gonna fall in love with her this week. Stefan took Damon’s ring so he has to stay in the house during the day. He’s bored, so he takes Vicki with him... they party like rocks stars all day long, they just get drunk and party at the mansion.”

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