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So ... do you wish you were at Chuck's big club opening or what? That was hot!

Did tonight's Gossip Girl episode make you LOL? Scratch your head? Wish it were an hour longer? Wish you had never tuned in? A little of all of those?

Here's the Insider's episode guide. Quotes, music and more to come shortly!

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Burke Busted!

Gossip Girl outs Olivia Burke on her blog.

"How to Succeed in Bassness" was ...

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ohh yea.. and i TOTALLY motherfucken agree with chuckaholic on da last paragraph..


1. OK first off all.. the GG stylist is great.. but he is missing the obvious point.. CHUCK IS 19 NOT 40! so i dont understand the need of dressing up in suites ALL the time no matter how important the man is. cmon... we wanna see chuck in tshirt and jeans 4 once! 2. i understand Chuck is growing up... but seriously...he is boring as f**k.. is he trynna be new Nate or something?? and whats with whole "thats the reason i couldnt say, i love you sooner" thing.. i thought he said to nate "its stupid of you to want blair to be other than the way she is" bring dangerous but still mature chuck BACK! 3. Jenny. i dunno even where to start with this bitch.. omg she is such a hoooooooo with white trash make up! get off the show and i will be happy 4. Serena and Dan are just annoying. 5. Nate is honestly BORING! 6. No comment on Vanessa. Dont mind her. *lol so much negative


I agree with you Mandy T it is all the writers fault. Well maybe not just them I think the actors have fallen out of love with the show, and who could blame them. The storylines are not progressive they have taken a giant leap. Chuck for one is unrecognisable from the dangerous sexy young thing in season 1 (and it's only been 2 years not 20) They are making all the predictable mistakes with Blair's character you would have thought they'd make in season 1. Season 1 Blair seems more like a post Chuck confident self assured women compared to the slightly ridiculous imature childlike Blair of season 3. Serena has gone backward too, what is she up to? I feel they are drowning in mediocraty. It is a bit of a jumbled mess at the moment. Some scenes need a serious cut and others need to be expanded. I would love to know which writers have left and which are new!!! I can forgive anything but a loss of passion. We might have high expectations but they set the standard high and it is painful to see a slow decline. Please give some of the critasism some consideration. I for one really want this to work. It is not too late.


I am with the minority that is facing the reality of our beloved show going down the tubes BIG TIME this season. :( The show is getting boring, erratic, and illogical- not to mention the fact that the characters are suddenly like almost completely different people, or cheap imitations of who they were at the best. I am getting so frustrated and disappointed with the awful work of these cheap new writers. Chuck is becoming much too predictable, Blair is getting annoying, Serena is making ZERO sense (the obsession with finding her dad made sense... but that translated into an obsession with a random publicist job and being subservient to a bitchy boss?), Dan is flat out BORING (I miss that dry humor), Hillary Duff is just WTH, Nate is MIA, and Jenny is being uncharacteristically mean and stupid. I mean, didn't she learn this lesson LAST year? Rufus and Lily are getting BORING too. Now that they're married, the best storyline they can come up with is the difference in the volume of trick or treaters between their two homes?? Excuse me while I go nap... yet I can't bear to stop watching, because like those of you who are still deluded into thinking this episode was "totally awesome!" I'm just not ready to give up hope yet. I hope it's just growing pains and we move on soon.

Chucks wife

All is forgiven CHUCK AND BLAIR ARE BACK!! YAY! It’s all about new beginnings, it all in the past. Chuck is at a new place in his life, ready to fill his dad’s very big shoes. Chuck can do no wrong in my eyes, he’s destined for greatness. Unfortunately he has no time to be sadistic and evil, leave that to Blair. Chuck is too busy building an empire. I just hope he has the patience for Blair who’s clearly still immature and needs to grow up, her character seams to be stuck in the past. Chuck said it best “This is more of an ongoing detached distrust�. It’s all about trust and Blair keeps messing up over and over, she’s asking for a permanent break up. Why can’t she just enjoy the freaking ride and stop trying so hard? Their relationship is lacking spark tho, they need to turn up the heat!!!....get DIRTY and dark!....they need to find a new game…they need to become like Marylin Manson and Dita Von Tess, join a secret society, have a threesome…jus do something! At the moment their chemistry sucks! I’m not buying it. I’m so over Hilary Duff’s character Olivia, she needs to get the hell off the show; she’s boring us to tears with her really bad acting! What was up with that lame love scene with Dan and a sheet, why even bother? So refreshing not to seeing or hearing from Vanessa, now if the producers can just make her silence permanent we’d all be happy!
Season 1 and 2 were the bomb and now that the characters have no purpose. Gossip girl needs to have a stronger presence..where’s the drama??. The show seams to have lost it’s edge. They need to find a balance urgently before they lose the fourth season!!


i agree with kimmie bout chucks hottness in his costume that hat totally suited him nd wow his fashion sence has improved no more luminous orange suits anymore for chuck! YAAY! ps does anyone else start laughing uncontrollably wen they see his outfit wen him nd nate were goin playin basketball with da other boys in "bad news blair"? It was utterly ridiculous!

Kimberly anne

It was a good episode.
Dan and Olivia were okay for me.
I can’t believe Serena said she was Patrick’s boyfriend. Carter and her were just over.
Was there a point to Nate being in this episode besides to say, “That’s an orgasm?�
The “new Jenny� seems much like the old Jenny around episode 14-18 of season 1. Is Eric going to dethrone her this time? Will he become the new queen of the steps if he does?
I swear if they cut my baby Chuck’s hair anymore I will scream. This episode marks its limit; either have it stay like it or let it grow. I love that he’s showing he can take things seriously and get the job done. No suspenders? � Although that goldish-brown vest look damn good on him. His outfit for the party made my heart sped up so fast. The hate makes him look dangerous and mysterious. I like danger and mystery together.
What the hell is going through Blair’s head when she was contacting that asshole Jack Bass? Doesn’t she know he is like the guy Chuck hates more than anything? She hates him too yet she still asks him to help renew Chuck’s license. Blair truly was gullible for believing that disgusting old man would do it for real. And the flower, ugh!!! The only man Blair should be getting flowers from is her true love, not her true love’s freaky uncle. At least everything worked out in the end for Chair and Chuck’s hotel. They make the best team. By far my favorite quote was when Blair said to Serena about Chuck, “We belong together.� That made my night. The little make out scene of them at the bar was so sweet. We always need more make out scene of the best GG couple ever. Then at the very last scene of them, I am predicting they are going to make up. On the other hand, witnessing the actually thing is always better than leaving it up to the imagination. All and all I am happy because I got what I want and so did everyone else and that was for Chair to get back together. New weeks seems boring because it appears to be about some Vanderbilt election that I care nothing of unless Chuck and Blair are involved. I hope the episode will be better than what the promo is presenting. Was that Blair’s face that hit the cake?


ok im really confused on what happened for the 5mins that i missed cause i watch it on the internet, maybe this episode was better than i first thought, maybe there is reason to all this nonsence of an ending that i saw, can someone who saw the full episode please tell me and all the other poor peeps out there who dont no what happened everything we missed? at the point it stoped for me was after lily had given sweets to the children it was 27 mins into the show then suddenly it skipped straight to the police raiding the party nd serena in a panic running to chuck nd blair to try to stop the police this really clears up a lot if there was a lot missin like why were chuck nd blair suddenly all close againn nd wat happened with patrick robberts (r watever the guy who was meant to be robert patterson was called) and wat did j actually do? if you no PLEASE TELL!


the problem is that EVERYONE get a hot scene but chair? what is wrong? ed and leighton have so much chemistry, why are the writers wasting it. we need chair hotness back asap,.


Mrs Jackson totally agree with ya... I don't understand what's happened this season with C&B


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