Who's Your Favorite Real-Life Gossip Girl Couple?

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This is random, but we think you'll have fun with it anyway. We often debate the merits of Gossip Girl couples, but which real-life pairing is your favorite?

Not that there's a wrong answer, really.

You have to love the fact that three different pairs of co-stars are currently dating - and not dating who their Gossip Girl characters are (at least right now).

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have been an item since way back when Dan and Serena were a thing. Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are a couple, as well.

Rounding out our survey are Leighton Meester and recurring guest star Sebastian Stan (Carter). All seem happy and more stable than their GG alter egos!

There's still hope for you (age appropriate) single guys and girls: We think Chace Crawford, Michelle Trachtenberg, Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo are single.

As for the three aforementioned pairs, who's your fave? Vote below!

Standing By Her Man
Leighton Meester, Sebastian Stan

Who's your favorite real-life Gossip Girl couple?

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Penn and Blake!!!!
they are the only couple among the three options that is right for each other!


leighton and sebestian .. even though I don't like sebestian that much .. but it seems that he makes her happy and that is great .. the second choice will be defeintly Penn and Blake .. but I don't like Ed and jessica that much .. so they got zero vote for my list LOOL


Totally agree w/ BWaldorf about the "All" option. I love this site b/c it has so much information. I just wish there was a little more objectivity when it comes to Jessica. Everyone loves Chuck (Ed) so much that they don't want to see Vanessa (Jessica) with him on screen or in real llife They really seem like they care a lot about each other, so why not be happy for them?? I know, I know... just my opinion...


Anybody but Vanessa!!!

Love s

I'm with you BWaldorf


there should be an "all" option. i can't pick because I like all of them :)


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