90210 Set Pics Reveal Naomi and Liam Romance

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On 90210 these days, Naomi is dating a college hunk.

Liam, meanwhile, is poisted to romance new surfer chick Ivy.

But previous show spoilers have hinted at a reconciliation between these two, as Naomi will eventually discover that Jen is the one that's been lying all along about her dalliance with Liam.

Still, that leaves the aspiring couple with the problem that Liam slept with Naomi's sister. How will he attempt to apologize and woo Naomi again?

Based on the set photos below, with a candle-lit dinner on the beach. That typically solves all sibling shagging problems...

Set Photo
On the Set

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yes.i luv them nd thts y im watching this serial.


i so want them together. They are the best couple on the show, the only reason why I watch 90210!


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


ewww no! duh ... should be ivy!!!!!


I LOVE THEM!!! December 1... ugh!


YES YES YES youre right naomi is a bit bitchy sometimes but she and liam are soooo PERFECT TOGETHER!!!!!!!


yayyy i love naomi and liam!!!!!!!! i cant wait any longer to see them together and for naomi to find out jen is a liar!!!


but seriously 90210 fan!! i really want silver/dixon back together.. let see wht happen
i wish they follow them


well if they bring bakk one major couple on the show maybee tha other two major ones will folliw


omg!! thts so kool they r going to close again with each other... but guyz dont u think tht thing is happening so quickly... i mean i like it but it will b more great if they do the same stuff at the end of the season2 otherwise no charm will b left to watch 90210...
and ya one more thing
i really want silver/dixon back together

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.