Alaric Saltzman Speaks: Matt Davis on Vampire Diaries Role

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Is he a vampire? A vampire slayer? A human sporting the ring of his late, blood-sucking wife?

The jury is still out on Alaric Saltzman, who debuted this week on The Vampire Diaries.

While fans debate this character in our forum, TV Guide caught up with Matt Davis and probed him for hints, scoops and spoilers. Here's what the actor offered...

Is Alaric a good guy or bad guy? It's not so clearly defined. He has a dark side, and I think he's not always going to do the right thing. How that compels him remains to be seen.

Alaric Saltzman Debut

How will Alaric impact Jeremy? I think that Alaric sees him as the troubled teen that he is. Because of Alaric's own history and background, he reaches out and gives Jeremy the opportunity to redeem himself. Alaric clears the decks, in an academic sense, and provides a stable, understanding presence in his life. Jeremy begins to respect Alaric.

How long will he stick around? Right now, I don't really know. The joke on the set is that getting called down to the effects department to be fitted for a body mold is the kiss of death. They have to fit you for prosthetics so you can be staked in the heart or something.

Davis added that Saltzman doesn't know Stefan and Damon are vampires, which removes the possibility he arrived in Mystic Falls to take them down. Why is he here in that case?

Send us your theories today!

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i fuck eleana all day long!


hello people FYI there are no werewolves in vampire diaries and that ring is given to alaric by his wife who is a vampire and is eleana's mother, he is a vampire hunter as if you watch he has things that can kill or just take down a vampire not a werewolf of a vampire thank you and have a good day


i think hes a wolf very dishy and doesent need a ring in daylight.


isobel is elenas mother NOT jermeys! alaric is not a vamp and he is not a werewolf.. Tyler is the werewolf. isobel gave alaric a ring that keeps him from dying (episode 15). isobel asked damon to turn her into a vampire:)


Alaric's wife Isobel IS Elena's birth mother. Alaric came to Mystic Falls after he found a journal that belonged to his late wife. The journal was almost the same as the Gilberts family journal. It went back almost 200 years and outline Isobels relatives as vampires. After seeing Damon kill his wife in vampire form and then finding the journal about his wife's realatives being vampires in Mystic Falls. He decided to come to investigate.


Yea my mistake Elena and jeremy's fake parents were the ones who were killed from the bridge accident.
Their reAl parents are Alaric and isobel. I wonder whAt would happen if Alaric tells Elena that he's her real dad and that her real mom was killed by Damon. Elena would probably freak out.


After watching today's episode, I think Alaric Slatzman is Elena and Jeremy's real dad, because he said that he married Isobel who is from Virginia. Jenna told Elena that her real mother's name was Isobel and was from Virginia. But i don't know because Elena's parents were killed from the car accident and Damon killed Alaric's wife.


yeah hes definitly a vamp...or a something else...because he did waited to be invited in..but episode 13, he realised damon killed his girlfriend at the very end of the episode...but geeze hes hott...everyone on the show is smokkin


I think the kept him as a vampire slayer.
Idk, I think it's because he said "This was my father's ring" when Jeremy asked him.
Like, it could be that his dad was a vampire and maybe he killed Alaric's wife? And that's why he hunts them now.
I just don't think he's a vampire.
I don't think they'd go that far off from the book because it'd probably make a bunch of readers angry.


So alaric aka matt davis is a vampire? Im totally confussed. pls answer.

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