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Yes, you read that right. According to the N.Y.Times, on an average day at the Robert G. Salon in the West Village in Manhattan, Robert Gioria fields many different requests, but fueled by the same goal: to have "Blake Lively hair."

In the '90s, there was the “Rachel,” named for Jennifer Aniston’s character on the TV show Friends. Before Rachel it was the “Farrah,” for Farrah Fawcett.

As we know, Lively, 22, who plays Serena on Gossip Girl, has extra long, ultra-shiny blond tresses with a mussed-up tussle frolicking through the ends.

In other words, the woman and the tresses combine for "aspirational hair,” said John Barrett, whose salon sits atop Bergdorf Goodman in Midtown Manhattan. His clients “don’t just want the hair, they want the lifestyle.”

In the last six months, Lively’s cut - an exercise in studied dishevelment - has been his most requested. “I didn’t really realize the extent of it,” Blake said of her hair’s popularity, though she says she gets a lot of questions.

“It's always kind of odd, but unbelievably flattering.”

Good Serena
Blake in Marie Claire
Ms. Lively
van der Dubs
A Black and White Blake

On Gossip Girl or in real life, Blake Lively's hairstyle is a popular trend - even an aspirational one for many women in New York City and beyond.

In fact, a Google search of “Blake Lively Hair” produces 713,000 results, many of them “how to’s.” Whether it works on just anyone is another story.

Some say Lively's look only works for tall, slim women, but clearly her hair appeals to all demographics. “Textured and Tousled," or "Curled and Swirled” styling is rising in popularity, rather than the flat-ironed look of seasons past.

This is attributed in large part to Blake Lively.

“I was born with a head full of hair,” said Blake, who maintains her look is mostly natural - no extensions, but some blond touched up by her stylist.

The only problem? "Some girls are born with amazing hair,” said one stylist, adding that hair like Lively’s “may set some unrealistic expectations.”

Hard to argue with that.

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That girl is so annoying.


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ahh i love her hair


uhhh... Smsamantha, i think it's been a while since she had to shoot the sisterhood movie. i am pretty sure she her hair grew. and you are comparing her current hair to the casting call hair? seriously? you realized they do the casting call before shooting the plot.


They lie. Her hair has extensions in it. She had them put in when she started doing the sisterhood of the traveling pants movies. If you watch the special features to the first season of gossip girl. Her hair is shorter during the casting call.


Her hair ist awesome!I love it:)


Once again, maybe this time it will be spotted! BIG NEWS BIG NEWS!!!! BIG NEWS BIG NEWS!!!! BIG NEWS BIG NEWS!!!! Blake Lively, our show & Leighton's song - Good girls go bad, are all nominated to People's Choice Awards!


Her hair is amazing. Not just anyone can pull that off, she's just born with it.


"According to the N.Y.Times, on an average day at the Robert G. Salon in the West Village in Manhattan" too much publicity for my taste

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