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Community Review: "Debate 109"

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Man, Community can't help itself when it comes to the meta jokes, can they?  Even the episode's title, "Debate 109," had to throw one in there when it named the class of the ninth episode of the first season, Debate 109.  Clever.

The main meta joke of this episode was Abed's films for his class were all predicting the future of the show?  How?  Because all of the characters were so predictable, Abed was able to figure out what they were doing.

Jeff and Annie Prepare

Meanwhile, in A-plot news, Jeff agreed to join the debate team with Annie for a parking space.  After being thoroughly humiliated, he had a sexually-charged study session with Annie to come back and win the competition and a kiss from Annie.

How's Britta gonna feel about that?  Well she was too busy getting creepy hypnotherapy from Pierce to weigh in.  Altogether, it was a great episode with Abed's plotline tying in nicely with the other two plotlines.

The episode also marked the return of John Michael Higgins as Professor Whitman.  We love that this show reuses its guest stars for the professors and teachers around the school, really fleshing out the campus.

Oh and did we mention the episode finished with our favorite moments, Abed and Troy acting goofy together?  Look for the obligatory Community quotes from the episode after the jump.

Dean: What's it gonna take? A plum park space, free meals, a night of companionship, if you know what I mean?
Jeff: I'll do it for the parking space and if you promise not to tell mean what you mean | permalink
Professor Whitman: Jeffrey, as debate coach, I am offering you an opportunity to spend the night drinking from the cup of life rather than romancing your nether regions in front of the E! channel | permalink
Abed: That's my newspaper.
Shirley: What do you need the paper for? You knew what was going to happen yesterday, you Middle Eastern magic 8-ball. | permalink
Annie: What's wrong?
Jeff: There's this weird pain right above my eyebrow.
Annie: It's called a stress headache. I got my first one when I was four. | permalink

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