CW Confirms Gossip Girl Schedule For Spring 2010

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Updating a story we told you about earlier this week, the CW officially confirmed its rumored plan to put Gossip Girl on a six-week hiatus early next year.

This is part of a strategy to air three shows - Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and the new drama Life UneXpected - in two time slots with zero repeats of any.

While six weeks with no Gossip Girl is a letdown, you can sort of the logic of the CW. And at least we have each other here at Gossip Girl Insider, right?

Bottom line? Gossip Girl will air Monday, January 11 and then return on Monday, March 8, when it will air every Monday until the end of the third season.

We believe that will take place May 17 or May 24. It has not officially been confirmed. The Monday night mid-season rotation at the CW will be as follows:

January 18 – March 1                

One Tree Hill, 8:00-9:00 pm  
Life UneXpected, 9:00-10:00 pm

March 8 - April 12

Life UneXpected, 8:00-9:00 pm
Gossip Girl, 9:00-10:00 pm

April 19 – Season Finales (May 17 or 24)

One Tree Hill, 8:00-9:00 pm
Gossip Girl, 9:00-10:00 pm

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They aired a new episode on Jan 11th? How come it's not on the website?


This sh!t is crazy!!!!!!! I LOVE GOSSIP GIRLS AND NOT THE OTHER CRAP ON TELEVISION. I am not watching anything else until it comes back on the air! This is straight bullSh!t!!!!!1


Um...yeah....take away GG and expect the sheep to fall in line for the new show?! Hell no. And, in all honesty, watched the Lux preview and looks really bad. Trade GG for the true grit of Lux? No thanks.


fuck you CW, i will cram through torrents when I get back from my partying trip, because of your hiatus, when gossip girl comes back I graduate, and it's off north asia for me, in China where things are censored thanks alot for making my bandwidth go to hell when I get back.


i hate that there is going to be a break in the season, but i do like that it'll run through the end of school for most kids. it will run over for college students, but it will keep the large HS audience interested and attracted before they fall into summer plans.


i guess that means no Chair Valentine's episode.. =*(


Not particularly happy but it might give them time to review season 3 so far.
It seems that the airing of the show is catching up with the filming.
They could do with taking stock. Maybe the hiatus will allow the writer/producers to review their material: Storylines; character development; and the SRIPT. The actors might become more invested in their characters, have time to make them 3 dimensional rather than depending on the obvious. I want them to love them again!!!! An Actors job is to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Make us believe again. They can rehearse more, make the scenes/ relationships have more depth and believability. Directors might take more time to allow cameramen to get the best shots so the editors can give more definition to a scene. MORE CHUCK & BLAIR moments: looks; touch; gestures. PLEASE. GG has so much more to offer. I just hope they (everyone involved)can believe it too.


ashh this is sooo ughhh!! but at least is not like last year when they gave us like two new eps 3 weeks hiatus 2 new eps 3 weeks hiatus. but is also true that btw a month and a half we are going to now exactly everything thats going to happen! :S


I think that it's going to be a hiatus for Christmas too, so maybe 3.11 & 3.12 will be the last episdoes of 2009


Tresure of Serena Madre 3x11 Thanksgiving episode


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