Gossip Girl Caption Contest 76

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Welcome to the 76th week of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

It was a difficult decision, but this week's winner is gossip fan.

Congratulations! The winning entry now appears below the picture! Honorable mentions go out to pretential_energy, uknouloveme and JKay.

Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next week ...

Behind the Camera

No, no! Please, don't kick me off of Gossip Girl. Look! I can film the episodes from now on!

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omg chuck bass IS gay!!ew!


Vanessa Rocks, Can we PLEASE not turn this into a black/white thing. Vanessa sucks & my three best maytes are black. I love them to pieces and I hate vanessa- makes me a rasist?


Vanessa: and i'll call it Serena's homevideo 2: the sequel. OR Vanessa: and i'll call it Serena's home tape 2: the sequel


I wish they didn't make me film this much anticipated threesome...


Chuck: 10,000 dollars for the tape.
Vanessa: [Reluctantly takes out the tape and gives it to him] You're sick.
Chuck. I know.
Vanessa: I can't believe you want the threesome video of Serena, Tripp and Cedric.
Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass.


V: (talking to herself)And she thinks she's better than me...(shouts)Hey you Waldorf bitch.I'd been with Bass too.
B: (in response) Hey you...desperate Abrams bitch.. He regrets that every single second.


V: I should really do the right thing and stop recording... wait a second... when do i ever do the right thing? MWHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA *happily carries on recording*


V: *recording Nate, Serena and Tripp having a threesome* ...This is so wrong, yet so right.


Vanessa *thinking*: yess now that i tamper with the gossip girl camera's everything will be more focussed on ME, ME! Cut out these chair scenes, hmm serena looks too nice here...


oh! atlast i got something to shoot and still some moment in gossip girl ^__^

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