Gossip Girl Spoilers: A Couple in Trouble

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Is there trouble ahead for Chair? It doesn't look like it. That's the good news from today's E! Online spoiler column. There's bad news for another couple, however.

One you might not expect to run into trouble so soon.

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Q: I'm a freak for Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, especially now that they're together! Tell me they aren't going to break up any time soon.

A: They aren't. It's actually Rufus and Lily's relationship that will be in a very bad place until the end of the season. According to sources, it all stems from that letter that Serena's father is going to send her.

And of course, it doesn't help that Bart Bass is back in the mix!

Rufus Getting Married?

What could drive this newly-wedded couple apart? Will they make it?

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LOL eat.the.hype.up
"But. Bart is dead. If he still isn't, ima finish him off myself"
LOL! Im ready to help you with that ^^


when it happens, i won't be watching gossip girl again!! I love the couple so much! I hate the thought of them having to part!!!


Bart is dead. If he still isn't, ima finish him off myself.
gosh.if he's still alive that meant all the things chuck went through were..sht.
ill clear my head now. ill just have to watch the episodes.


It may not be happy but at least it's some Lily screen time. I've been feeling rather cheated out of my favourite Park Avenue mom this season.


my poor rufly=( they should stay strong i hope so, that they will get this, its unfair that rufly gets trouble now.. they have had not much scenes until now hm... and i hate this even that here stands that rufly or darena! rufly or darena.. aaaaaaaaah both can exist ok,


Thank GOD Chuck and Blair are going to be staying strong.

Ivana im a filthy youth

I hope this doesn't lead to any Dan and Serena 'trying to be a couple' again.


Ok I love Lily and Rufus..but if they would ever ever break upp..this would meann that there are still chances for Derenaa!


phew chair stay together! and R+L are boring when they're all 'happy and in love', way more interesting when they fight :) xoxo.


Lily is one selfish Bitch. And I've seen it since season 1.

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