Gossip Girl Spoilers: Couples Update

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Hilary Duff has left the building. The actress has concluded her run on Gossip Girl as Olivia Burke and there are no plans for her to come back this season.

That much was kind of expected after this week's episode and the aftermath of the now-infamous threesome. Olivia doubted Dan's feelings for her and left NYU.

But here's some other couples scoop E! Online just unearthed:

Wash Your Hair!
Nate A. Pic
Serena van der W.
  • Dan and Vanessa, as foreshadowed in "The Last Days of Disco Stick," are most definitely on. They will be getting together this season.
  • Ditto Nate and Serena, who will become a bona fide couple.
  • Rufus and Lily will have a major problem (Serena's father).
  • Chuck and Blair will be going strong.

How do we feel about all of this? Discuss!

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ı don't like olivia especially ı hate her ı want to see a couple whic is dan and vanessa. whats that girl who fights with jenny..chuck bass and blair they are great


thank you candi thank you.


just hoping that nate and jenny together AGAIN. they need each other. they help each other. dan and serena : can't you see? they meant to be. dan is the first man whom serena really loves. serena is the first girl he had crush on ever blair and chuck : they love each other even they don't admit it in season 1 and 2. they had a chemistry from the start. blair accepted all of chuck, so do blair JENNY and NATE : season 1, he trust her and care about her. he listen to her, she listen to him. he help her. they happy spend time together. season 2, he really really really care about her. she really love him. both them can't do anything to keep their relationship but deep in their heart they want to. yeahh stupid vanessa destroyed all the sweet moments. and of course dan too.. because of him they cannot contact each other. poor them.
season 3? he save her again :)


i really fucking want to see nate and jenny get back together. they are great together. oh c'mon, only a couples episode in season 2? not fair at all. besides, nate seems really need jenny in season 1 when he got a problem with blair. just because of dan, the couples gone. and nate and serena?? goshh, i prefer nate and blair than serena. hey, how about dan and blair? might be fun to see both them dating :)


Some of you ppl need to get over the fact that dan and serena are broken up and have broke up 3 times already related or not. Also blair and nate are soooo over. they were just a high school couple and even blair said that. THEY HAD THEIR TIME!!! Nate and Jenny really had nothing. all they did was share one kiss and mabey had a couple of moments together but thats also over because of STUPID vanessa as for some of you ppl saying blair and dan should get together, thats never going to happen. blair and dan have wayyyy to many problems together. dan and vanessa i really dont care about because just looking at vanessa makes me want to puke!!! Shes the most aggervating piece of crap on the show!!!! im pretty sure almost everyone likes chair because they are the best couple ever and have sooo much chemistry, but for you ppl that dont GET OVER IT!!!! Im also sick of some ppl saying that theyll stop watching GG because they dont like the writers decision on wat people get together (which i do like personally) Go ahead and have your opinion but if u stop watching the show because of that you obviously didnt like it that much in the fist place. I mean 30%(mabey 40% or 50% really) of the reason i watch GG is because of chair but theirs alot of other reasons i like it and ill NEVER stop watching it as long as they make it. GO GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!!


Dan should NOT be with Serena. Ever. Again.
He was waaaay too preachy and self rightous.
Nate accepts Serena for exactly who she is and vice versa. Blair should NOT be with Nate. Ever. Again.
Nate could never accept Blair for who she truly was. Blair belongs with the MotherChucker. Chuck loves Blair just as she is and Blair accepts all of Chuck. Serenate and Chair= ENDGAME
Long live the Non Judging Breakfast Club! completly agree with you lee! as for dan and vanessa i reallly dont care because vanessa makes me want to puke. She sooo noisy just like Jenny.Im tired of Jenny feeling sorry for herself. Everyone knows ur not rich GET OVER IT!! Vanessa and Jenny SUCK!!!! Everyone else is fine (espesially chuck and blair!!!)


the couples are great,i love them.and thanks finally serena and nate!!!!!


Booooring! I love Nate, and S, but seriously, way too predictable. Bring Carter back!!!!


I have a idea , what if serenate goes on and Blair falls for serena but still with chuck
who with all his new family drama doesn't care anymore for Blair.
D + v is boring , is fact that both are too simple, what's why were always
with...others main characters .
Jenny + Jack bass= equal disaster but entertaining.


i dont mind nate and serena but im i the only one who would like dan and blair just to mix things up

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