Wash Your Hair!
Just kidding, Vanessa. Well, kind of. Ha ha.

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So true, xoxo! I even think she's much prettier than Leighton Meester. Seriously, I don't get the hate on Vanessa. She, along with the Humphrey family, is the reason why I watch this show - certainly not because of the obnoxious bitch Blair Waldorf, my least favourite character on GG! I only like Blair when she's with Chuck, because then she acts human. And her hair looks great - at least not straight, which is so boring. I'm from Europe and I don't know a single girl who even OWNS a flat iron, let alone uses one.
My hair is naturally very straight, so I'm not one to judge girls who want their hair to be like that, but ironically I've always wanted curlier hair.


Does no one get that this girl has what we call "black hair"? I'm African American and my hair looks just like hers except when I straighten the hell out of it. Vanessa is beautiful to me, expecially this season.


OMG(or OM3?) she has black nails!!!!! she's the one who unbuttons Nate's shirt in the promo! so Nate, Vanessa and....???


i don't care if she is black or white.
i totally hate that effin bitch :)


Why does everyone hate on Vanessa?
I personally think she is gorgeous,
better looking than Serena.. maybe not Blair but she is sure close!


Funny. I love Jess, but in that pic, she kinda look like the lion in the Wizard of Oz :)


LOL i feel bad for jessica. the stylists make her up like this.
plus, good point above poster^ her hair's naturally thick


OMG you people are so ignorant...
Jessica is not white so she doesn't have typical hair
That's just how it is


oooh....totally.... I agree with you... and really..go and wash your hair V!!!!!!!1


HAHAHAHA! I just lol'd at the "wash your hair" thing!

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