Gossip Girl Spoilers: Is Chuck's Mother Alive?

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If many fans aren't feeling the same love for the Upper East Siders this year, the creative powers behind Gossip Girl are well aware, according to E! Online.

"They're bringing back the OMG," an insider reports.

How will they do that? Well, we already known John Robert Burke (Bart Bass) will be coming back to Gossip Girl, and that "he'll be a ghost" of some kind.

Here's where it gets interesting, however. It turns out Chuck may have a "dead" parent who might not be so dead. You thinking what we're thinking?

"There's a huge storyline later this season that is going to blow you away," promises a source. "And it involves Chuck, Jack Bass and Chuck's mother."

The Bass Man

Will we meet the woman who brought Chuck into the world?

Also making a comeback? Serena's father. Says the source:

"We will see him this season. But he hasn't been cast yet."

Whoever it is, he's going to bring with him another major story arc and trouble for Rufus Humphrey. Meanwhile, you can expect Chair to heat up again.

As for Olivia (Hilary Duff), she is officially off the series for good, leaving Dan all by his lonesome to get together with BFF (with benefits) Vanessa.

Finally, long-held feelings Nate has had for Serena (don't forget the drama that started the series) will add deep emotion to their upcoming pairing.

Thoughts? Criticism? Happiness? Comment away!

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I just stArted watching gossip girl and I have already seen all the episodes there are. I must say I am addicted. Although the story line seems to somewhat repeat itself I am captivated by the drama and hooked on seeing the predictable outcomes occur. I was so pleased to see episode 12 of season three because it looks like he plot line is thickening. I started out hating characters that I now like and liking characters that I know hate. Although I felt Nate was a very shallow. Character with little hope for him (altough we can agree he is attractive). He is turning into a character that I want to see more of. I look forward to seeing more of this season. The characters matured, the script is better, the show is more entertaining! Keep it up!
Xoxo, your biggest fan;) :)


I love chuck sooooo much. He used to be like this selfish, extemely sexy a-hole with no feelings, but now he is the complete opposite, except he is still extremely sexy. The past two seasons you get to know all this history of the others characters but now it's time for chucks past to be revealed. I do hope jack's father as even though bart seemed to not like chuck he always cared about him and i beleive that he did indeed love and respect chuck. jack is a horrible person. i hope that chucks mother is alive and also i hope she has a pretty damn good excuse of why she allowed chuck to grow up without a mother. also i can't wait to see how blair and chuck heat up. i hope it is hot and sexy and not like a serena/dan thing. ily chuck, love from "i_heart_chuck" p.s i love chuck and blair, blair and chuck. i am jealous of blair though.


Ok let's just review the problem here. what is different about season 3 that hasn't conjured up the same buzz and intense appeal that season 1 and 2 managed to bring in heaps? 1. SEX. to put it bluntly.
Sex is the ULTIMATE reason for the whole Chair obsession that got everyone hanging on for that climax at the end of season 2.
season 3 really hasn't filled these shoes. where are those steamy scenes that we love so much!?! if gossip girl wants to get back its number 1 slot of the guilty pleasures category, they need to up their game in the sex department.
isn't that what the whole focus of gg is about anyway? 2. Celebrity Guest Stars.
the writers may have shot themselves in the foot by allowing themselves to rely on celebrity magnetism. not a good choice there.
you know what we love even more than celebrity appearances? A GOOD STORYLINE!
this only works when you revolve guest stars into the storyline, NOT the other way round (which seems to be the case). if any of the producers or writers or hell, even the actual stars are reading this, my advice to you is FIND A BALANCE! don't work too hard and overstress certain roles etc. FEED OFF YOUR AUDIENCE. if they like it, increase its view-time. hope this helps! X


oh and posh coming in as chuck's ex? love it! THAT will heat up chair's scenes!


nate and serena!!!! Yay! their chemistry was so strong during season1, i don't know why it took the writers so long to bring them back together. it was like they were deliberately ruining nate's character by pairing him with blah partners e.g. vanessa...duh.... but better late than never..can't wait!


Why does everyone think Jake is father I mean it will be like one of those day time soaps.


OK I CAN NOT FREAKING WAIT FOR N AND S!!! omg ive been waiting for this since season 1 where i felt they made the cutest couple ever") why cant they be together?~?!!?! and my guess is they will because they have to let them be together... BTW chair is sooooo boring this season!!!


Did you guys see the promo for next monday? OMG!!, that voice who said "I want to be with you more than anything" could be chuck´s mom? what do you think?


I hope that the return of Chuck's mom (real or manipulated by Jack) is going to be given a lot of screen time, thought and attention, so that we can grow to feel involved and actually care about the characters. That's one way of holding on to your viewers. Instead of ending the drama in just a few minutes within an episode (i.e. the search for Serena's father, the relationship of Carter and Serena, Scott, etc ... ; you know what I mean .... the lack of continuity in the GG world.), they make this an on-going drama. Also, the least hype about it is going to take us by suprise. And make us sit up and gape. Remember the over-hyped threesome?? Nope. Neither do I.


seriously they are going to make it like jack is chuck's real dad. just wait haha

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