Gossip Girl Spoilers: Is Chuck's Mother Alive?

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If many fans aren't feeling the same love for the Upper East Siders this year, the creative powers behind Gossip Girl are well aware, according to E! Online.

"They're bringing back the OMG," an insider reports.

How will they do that? Well, we already known John Robert Burke (Bart Bass) will be coming back to Gossip Girl, and that "he'll be a ghost" of some kind.

Here's where it gets interesting, however. It turns out Chuck may have a "dead" parent who might not be so dead. You thinking what we're thinking?

"There's a huge storyline later this season that is going to blow you away," promises a source. "And it involves Chuck, Jack Bass and Chuck's mother."

The Bass Man

Will we meet the woman who brought Chuck into the world?

Also making a comeback? Serena's father. Says the source:

"We will see him this season. But he hasn't been cast yet."

Whoever it is, he's going to bring with him another major story arc and trouble for Rufus Humphrey. Meanwhile, you can expect Chair to heat up again.

As for Olivia (Hilary Duff), she is officially off the series for good, leaving Dan all by his lonesome to get together with BFF (with benefits) Vanessa.

Finally, long-held feelings Nate has had for Serena (don't forget the drama that started the series) will add deep emotion to their upcoming pairing.

Thoughts? Criticism? Happiness? Comment away!

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when are they bringing back dan and serena, gossip girl isnt what its used to be, ***sigh***


Serena VDW, I was thinking that Jack Bass was Chuck's really dad actually :$


after reading the posts, i'm thinking chuck's mother isn't the one alive... it is his real father, but i don't know if that is jack this would be a good storyline: his mother cheated on bart bass with another man, who turns to be chuck's real father, and he has been hiding all these years because bart blamed him for knocking up his wife which eventually resulted in her death. that would also explain why he hated chuck... he was not his real son. now that bart is dead, chuck's real father decided to come back


In the first episode Chuck's mom was alive, but then they decided to change that, and now they seem to have changed it back ahaha, they can't make their minds up... but it was only in the pilot, and blair's mom was played by another actress.. so i think they decided to change some things they said she died while giving birth.. how will they explain that she is alive? and she hasn't been in touch for like 20 years...


I agree they should bring back Chuck.Blair.Nate love triangle. I wonder if Chucks mom will get along with Blair. i dont think she would if Jack is really Chucks dad since B and Jack slept together.


Yay im so glad they are bringhng Jack back and Chucks mom. i cant wait. I LOVE GG! :D


this better be good, they said CHAIR is heating up right?

Elise of the upper east side

okay first-In the first episode, Chuck mentions his mom to nate like she is still alive. did they later decide to make her dead? thats kind of stupid to have that inconsistency but whatever. also, if she died giving birth to him, how could she be back? second, that would be so weird if jack bass comes back as a 'ghost.' gossip girl is pretty realistic. why are they going all supernatural? what, is there going to be a musical episode too? this season has been awful awful awful. its been more like a lame comedy than the drama and glamour (what the heck happened to the 'elite lives' of these characters? it seems like its all about brooklyn now. wheres the upper east side. also, they used to have the best music on gossip girl! but now, since the scenes are awful, i guess the music couldn't be that great either. and i really don't want posh spice (aka victoria beckham) to be chuck's mom. she doesn't look anything like him, and she's half plastic. his mom should be really pretty (and posh is kind of pretty, but too fake and different looking) and interesting. i want more new actors, not random celebrities! what made gossip girl so great in the first place is all the new and talented actors!! (that have nothing to work with now. what is wrong with the writers?!) and jo-mama, i completely agree with you. they could have used a couple of episodes to show their summer! it would have been great to see the first time they made love, held hands, etc and how they grew as a couple during the summer. and they could have shown what serena/carter did while searching for her father, and follow the other characters too. instead, they started off boring (and w/ that lame game chuck and blair were playing) and have FAILED this season. I agree with everything you said. and to those who don't want the whole show to be about Blair and Chuck, it has never been just about them, but they need better dramatic story lines and passion! and when it is mostly about them, the show is MUCH better! i hope it starts getting better. they could do great with these story lines, but with the writers this season, i'm doubting they can do it :( I miss Blair and Chuck and I just miss the old Gossip Girl!! IT WAS THE BEST BEST BEST SHOW EVER.




Agree with Eldrea's comment. Out of all my friends I am one on GGInsider finding out what happens. When I watch I just go wow/eh. While my friends are all like OMFG! A THREESOME?!

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