Happy Birthday, Penn Badgley!

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All of us at Gossip Girl Insider would like to wish a happy birthday to cast member Penn Badgley, who turns 23 today on this first day of November.

We hear that Penn may be getting engaged soon (and we all know to whom). That would be the cutest thing ever for the Gossip Girl lovebirds.

Either way, we love him as Dan Humphrey and hope his special day rocks ...

Penn Rocks!

Penn out Thursday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame party in NYC.

In honor of the big day, as we do for all our cast members, here's a little tribute of Penn Badgley pictures, one for each of his 23 years. Happy birthday, Penn!

Dan Humphrey
All Over Each Other
So Sexy
Discarded Dan?
Penn Badgley Image
Blake and Penn: Just So Cute
Penn Badgley Pic
Penn Badgley is a Stud
Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Love
Penn For President
Blake Lively, Penn Badgley EW Cover
Penn Badgley For Vogue
Penn Badgley Style
Pretty Penn
Penn Photo
Penn Ponders
College Dan
A Penn Pic
Hairy Penn
Penn Up Close

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me and penn share the same birthday :) so happy belated birthday, penn, seriously I'm a huge fan.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR PENN!!!!!!! UR THE MAIN REASON I WATCH THE SHOW! You're such cute and warm person and make me love Dan even more cause you put a lot of you're own personality to the role! Wish you luck with you're film projects (Easy A will be a hit!!) And of course U and Blake are such intelligent and adorable people I wish U both happyness and be such close and tender couple as U are! Its a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He's not getting engaged, he said himself he is way too young to be thinking about getting married when they interviewed him on Mojo in the Morning on the Detroit radio station 95.5. You can go to their site and listen to the podcast yourself... I know a lot of people lie about it, but I'm convinced listening to his tone of voice he's not lying.


hope! you have a good one ;D
& wish all the best
&& also keep up the BODY &
ur FA-BU-LOUS girlfriend ;D
( lucky girl/guy ;D )




Happy bdaii Penn !!
he looks so cute in the picture though




Happy Birthday, Badge!! Please back together with Serena!!! Best wishes from Indonesia!! Infinite X's and O's!!!


Belated blessing, happy birthday!




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