Heroes Round Table: Plot Holes Galore!

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As our review of "Brother's Keeper" outlined, we didn't hate this week's episode of Heroes. That's a big step for a critical TV Fanatic panel of critics!

But we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't point out that the episode was still overflowing with plot holes and nonsensical character developments.

We focus on those in this edition of the Round Table and, as always, we encourage reader feedback...

Why did Tracy lose control of her abilities?
M.L. House: This really made no sense. She claimed it was due to "panic attacks." But she was held in by Danko last year, she's been faced with far more stressful situation than just... sitting around. The only answer to this question is: because the script called for it.

Dr. Shepherd: So the show could break its budget by making Claire freeze and crack.

The Barnacle: Who cares? Did you see Ali Larter in that bathtub?!?

Heroes RT

Why on earth would Nathan's body still be around?
M.L. House: This made even less sense! For someone that's organized many cover-ups, why would Angela not dispose of Nathan's body as soon as possible?!? Once again, the only answer to this question is: because the script called for it.

Dr. Shepherd: I have no idea.

The Barnacle: To move the plot along. D'uh! The writers likely thought of this storyline two days ago. Give them a break!

If Sylar is back inside his body now, why does Nathan still act and think like Nathan?
M.L. House: I'll give someone $10 if he/she can explain what actually took place in Parkman's hospital room. Ready... go!

Dr. Shepherd: I have no idea.

The Barnacle: Stop! You're making my head hurt. Can't we all just mourn Nathan's death next week... even though, you know, he already died last season.

Heroes can most improve by...
M.L. House: ... eliminating time travel! It makes everything too convoluted.

Dr. Shepherd: ... showing more nudity.

The Barnacle: ... teaming up the characters together, as we previously outlined!

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why when nathan dies after sylar slits his throat do they not inject nathan with Claires blood. Noah Bennett is fully regenrated after such injection after being shot in the eye in a previous season so why wouldnt it work this time. Also in later is series four the same applys to the death of the tattooed chick who Samuel confessed he was behind the attack on the carnival. I havent watched the final two episodes of season four yet so it could still techincally happen. But in the first case i just think its weird and cant think of any reasonable explination as to why they didnt use her blood.


Sylar had to agree to let the "Nathan" personality come to the fore before he could heal, so Nathan used that chink the armour to push himself forward when Peter let the power up


ok, not sure if anybody mentioned this already, but if Peter had the Haitian's ability, and was successfully preventing Sylar from using his abilities while he nailed-gunned him down...why, was Syler able to still use his Shape shifting ability to turn back into Nathan after Peter messsed with his head. Shouldn't all abilities been nullified in the presence of the Haitian's ability?


there are plot holes in this analysis of plot holes. i don't understand how people can point out plot holes based on a single episode. tracy was obviously worked up and it might have something to do with her thinking about the carnival. samuel said smth about being able to draw from a power greater than oneself when evolved humans are gathered in the case of the carnival(or smth like that) so it might have overwhelmed her. adrenalin also triggers the powers (at least in the case of maya remember?!!!) i don't see what's wrong with someone possessing 2 consciousness. questioning how that is possible is like question how the characters have powers. it's fiction people! and didn't the haitian say angela's decision making was clouded by her emotions? she obviously can't let nathan go (the real nathan) since she saved his consciousness in sylar's body so what so hard about understanding that she kept his real body instead of destroying it. perhaps the same reason why some people are buried instead of cremated. gosh. let's be open-minded please and let the show end before we start slamming it and look dumb when we find out there's actually some logic behind it.


My thoughts as to why we didn't see Nathan morph back to Sylar immediately after the touch (yes there was a touch, and they even paid for some CGI to show something happened) is I think we will see moreso a blending of the personalities. The "Nathan" personality that Parkman implanted isn't something that "Sylar" will be able to purge or push aside as he did in hijacking parkman. Of Course Sylar will everytually take control likely absorbing "Nathan", it's already leaked we will still have Quinto on the the show and not Pasdar, but will still retain all of Nathan's memories, and personality traits (IE Morality), which will likely be in conflict with his own. This whole season is about "Redemption" and who else on the show has as much to be redeemed for?
With NBC hinting this could be the last season, we could be looking at something huge in the finale. And with Samuel about to become substantially more powerful, A Sylar with Nathan's morality would be the likely candidate for the final face off, as Peter isn't strong enough to defeat Samuel, and Hiro going back to keep Mohinder from ever going to see Samuel would be too anti-climatic, and mess up all Hiro's good deeds since Samuel started him on his "Bucket List"


I definitely enjoyed reading both of your posts F.D and Kal15. The analogy with Tracy and Maya was dead on perfect. We have seen this in the past plenty of times when Maya would panic or become frightened. I am just counting the days to finally having the true Sylar come out and then get pounded on by Peter.


I like that Sylar didn't immediately manifest himself in his body, as far as we know. The show left us wondering what happened to Sylar's consciousness. That is a good cliffhanger device. But there are a couple of options. Just as Sylar's consciousness had to struggle with Parkman's, we could be headed to a mental showdown between Nathan and Sylar within Sylar's mind. Or, it is possible that Sylar has already manifested himself back where he belongs, but is choosing to remain as Nathan to get close to the people who did this to him. Angela and HRG will certainly be more receptive to Nathan walking through the door than they would to Sylar.


Like others have mentioned, Tracy has been having issues with her ability since she got shattered. Every single time she got upset, she either started to melt or randomly freeze. For example, it happened after the governor told her all he wanted was to f*ck her. If this still cannot make sense to you, picture yourself Maya losing control when she got afraid/pissed off. Sylar moved back to his body but Nathan is still in control for now. Pasdar said long ago that the longer Sylar remained Nathan, the harder it would be for Sylar to get his body back because Nathan's DNA would print deeper, and he'd acquire more of Nathan's memories by touching stuff. I'm positive we'll see Sylar harass Nathan next week just like he harassed Matt, except it won't last as long. It is, after all, his body. Sylar will show himself to Nathan at the Petrelli thanksgiving diner. Nathan seemed willing to give Sylar his body back, figuring he was dead already. But he might try to protect his family before letting that happen. Nathan's corpse could've been preserved there because Angela refused to get rid of it, knowing Sylar would never truly be her son. Or maybe she kept it around so someone could resurrect him (if Peter wasn't dumb he'd have given it a try, if only to hear what the dude had to say ala pushing daisies). But do they really have to explain every single detail of a plot in order to avoid people screaming "PLOT HOLE!" all over the place? That's the kind of thinking that forces them to have HRG give dumb reasons every time someone has to get healed but writers don't just want to have Claire give her blood.


I agree, what was pointed out were not plot holes. Tracy's power, remembering of course that the water ability she struggled to control as well...let's just assume (yes we have to assume because it wasn't explored---which doesn't mean it's a plothole)that it is instability--after all, she is now only water...and she freezes. Nathan has Sylar in him---the key is that there is a Nathan personality that Matt created last season that occupies the body as well as Sylar, so now there are two significant conciousness...es (not sure of the plural form), wondering of course though whether or not the minor consciousness nicknamed Gabriel will appear? (The one that is the innocent one)
Plus in the end it just makes for good storytelling, much like those who complain about the master plan...if all was revealed straight away then what the hell would anyone be tuning in for? I agree...time travel, as long as it doesn't involve changing time (the staff really need to understand the concept of time before they challenge it). I say give Hiro a stunning send-off, i dunno...maybe in his dying seconds he teleports Samuel somewhere isolated in time then dies...leaving him trapped, of course they don't show you where he goes just hiro dissapearing forever........that's just an example.


My guess about Nathan's body--although unexplored in the episode, it perhaps stood as a reminder for Angela that her son is actually dead, and perhaps she might go visit the body every so often to "be" with her son. The question I want to know is...why was it naked? Kind of dodgy if you ask me, why not just leave him clothed?

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