HIMYM Spoilers: Two Remaining Slaps Coming

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Back in season two of How I Met Your Mother, Marshall was awarded five slaps against Barney, courtesy the official Slap Bet Commissioner, Lily.

Now, in season five of the sitcom, Marshall still has two slaps remaining. How will he dole them out?

In HIMYM tradition, these will occur in the upcoming Thanksgiving - err, Slapsgiving - episode that airs in just two weeks. The episode will be cleverly titled "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap."

The fun twist on the remaining slaps? Marshall will actually be handing the rights to slap Barney over to Ted and Robin. We wan't wait to see how they use them!

Slapsgiving 2 will also mark the episode where Chris Elliot guest stars as Lily's estranged father. Check out the following episode stills that feature Elliott and the rest of the cast:

Barney, Ted and Robin
Chris Elliott on HIMYM
Marshall and Lily's Dad
Chris Elliott on How I Met Your Mother
Lily and Her Father
Thanksgiving on HIMYM

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