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Jennifer Morrison on House Exit: Confused, Grateful, Clueless

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Unfortunately, a series of House spoilers ruined this week's departure of Jennifer Morrison. Viewers knew it was coming throughout the episode.

But it was still emotional for many long-time fan when the actress walked out the door. Will we ever see Cameron again? Morrison has no idea.

“I think everyone thinks that there’s some sort of answer out there and I have as little information as everyone else," she told TV Guide Magazine. "All I know is that they’re always only a couple of episodes ahead and they haven’t made any grand sweeping decisions."

Meanwhile, Morrison told Entertainment Weekly: “I find the entire situation sort of confusing."

Allison Cameron Picture

Overall, the actress is handling her dismissal with professionalism. She said:

“[House creator] David Shore has always been very true to writing the characters authentically and taking them on a journey he believes is very true for them. And right now she’s just not at the hospital, so no one really knows what that means until they get to that place in the writing to know what that means.

"I’m just as without information as everyone else. It’s one of those things where I’ve spent six years there and it’s been amazing and I love that character and I love our writers. And whatever’s meant to be will work itself out.”

In honor of the actress and her time on the showm check out the following Cameron photo montage:

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  • Cameron and House

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I don't think the mole ruined Cameron's departure, I think he/she saved David Shore from even greater anger from Cameron fans. For over two years he promised Cameron and Chase would be back on the show and for two years he kept stalling. Now Chase is back but Cameron has been bumped completely. Those who hung in because he promised she would be back are furious. Did Shore underestimate Cameron's role on the show? I guess we'll see by the end of the season.

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