Jesse Spencer Interview: On Future of House's Team and More

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While Hugh Laurie (deservedly) receives all the acting accolades on House, Jesse Spencer has proven to be a valuable supporting cast member this season.

His character's storyline arc - which started with taking the life of President Diabla and continues over the next couple weeks when Cameron leaves Chase - has put Spencer squarely in the spotlight. He's handled it well.

Bad Marriage

Following a World Series-mandated hiatus, House returns with a new episode tonight - and Spencer spoke to TV Guide about what fans can expect from it and subsequent installment...

What's to come? The big stuff hasn't really happened yet. Where the story line is going, the s--t's about to hit the fan. It's the reason that Chase will stay in the hospital and the reason that Cameron will leave. Chase feels he has to stay and face the music — whatever that is... he feels like he has to stay and play that out in the hospital.

What leads to the break up? Chase defends the notion that he made this decision rationally and that it had nothing to do with House. She offers for her and Chase to leave and go somewhere. He accepts it and then realizes that he really can't go anywhere because it's just going to follow him everywhere he goes.  That leads them to go their separate ways.

The new team: We sort of have a new team again because now basically Chase joins [it]. It's a slightly new dynamic with him on the team. He asks to come back on the team because he feels like it's the only way he's going to be able to face his demons and what he's done. He comes back on the team so it will be Chase, Foreman, Thirteen and Taub.

Visit our House spoilers section for more insight into what's to come, including a fight between characters!

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