Tim Kring Addresses Adrian Pasdar Rumors, Heroes Death

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The rumors are true: Adrian Pasdar is leaving Heroes.

But the manner in which the actor learned of his character's fate is nothing but conjecture. Sources have claimed Pasdar was never told about Nathan's death; he reportedly read the storyline in a script.

Not true, says creator Tim Kring.

Nathan vs. Canine

“We talked openly with Adrian about [his departure] several months ago and have kept him abreast of where his arc was headed - he always knew what was going on,” Kring told TV Guide Magazine. “This is a guy who is much loved by us all, and these disparaging reports about the way things were handled couldn’t be further from the truth. Adrian is a leader among the cast, a true friend and a real gentleman.”

Fans have been dismayed over the news of Nathan's death. After all, this is a character that's already dead! It feels like a rip-off.

However, Kring says the November 23 episode will focus around Angela actually admitting she was behind the season three-ending switch of Nathan and Sylar. Now, the cover-up must go on.

“There will need to be a staged death for the real Nathan,” said Kring. “He’ll be given a big funeral for the world to see.”

Still, this does feel like another example of Heroes building up a storyline with no real pay-off, doesn't it?

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For Tim Kring and HEROES writers please to consider:
Pasdar at least should be given a chance to come back in one episode but in a painful way for us fans as a guest star some upcoming episodes or at the next season if the show still makes it, where in some battle Peter fights Sylar where he shapes into Nathan and uses Nathan's memories mostly then ones where he hated Peter the most as an advantage, making the fight more psychological than action. For now I prefer that Sylar gets powerful and instead of killing Peter, he would prefer to make him suffer, making this much more fun for him since he would enjoy see Peter suffering rather than killing him, making Peter have a mental breakdown regarding his late brother’s death and living with guilt for some time. And finally that Peter struggles battling his inner demons of guilt, regains his empathy some way and kill’s Sylar, dying in the process, marking the end of HEROES for both of them.


Finally. He dies EVERY season..


Furthermore, the last shred of dignity this show might have will exit with Adrian Pasdar. The other actors have no talent. It's almost as if you can hear the director yelling, "Okay, grit your teeth now, Hayden. You're supposed to be angry in this scene." Or, "Remember you're really mad here, Milo, so grit your teeth." And that LOOK that "Matt Parkman" uses to let us know he's using his mental powers is hysterical! He would look less ridiculous if he just blinked like Barbara Eden in "I Dream Of Jeannie."


I'd like Angela to explain why they HAD to do this in the first place. It never made sense, she lsot her son, how did making Sylar think he was Nathan change anything, and if they wanted to save him there was a more obvious route i.e. her granddaughter whose blood can cure such wounds (like it did with her adoptive father, and no I don't buy that one was more dead than the other. HRG was clearly dead, he was shot through the eye and it was night time when he was regenerated whereas he was shot at dusk so there was a lapse in time and a much longer one than between Angela and Matt finding Nathan dead and him being killed).


i like this. they need to give Nathan some closure, i just hope Peter disowns Angela and kills Sylar


I think Tim Kring needs to ADDRESS a lot more than just Adrian Pasdars leaving....how about all the loop holes TIM. How about bumping up the marketing because this season is actually good. How about how you are now determined to make Heroes go flawless?? I would like a statement like that.

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