Tonight's Gossip Girl: "Reversals of Fortune"

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Unfortunately, there's no new Gossip Girl this week.

The next new episode, "Treasure of Serena Madre," airs Monday, November 30 (here are some sneak previews). "Reversals of Fortune" will air tonight.

The Season 3 premiere of Gossip Girl didn't disappoint when it first aired back in September, setting the stage for what's been a solid season so far.

A season we think has the potential to get even better, too.

A Handsome Nate

Nate Archibald in "Reversals of Fortune."

In "Reversals of Fortune," Nate is trying to forge an identity, with Bree thrown in the mix, while S tries to reconnect with her past, with Carter along for the ride.

The Humphreys, young and old, are all very much in transition, and Chair as a couple? Well, come on, they're just hot, and there's much else to add.

For a recap of all the action, click here for our official episode guide! We've also got all the best quotes from the night, and a list of the music played.

Check out these videos and pictures as well, plus our Round Table!

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ditto to passerby! gossip girl is just another show i watch now, nothing i get my hopes up for anymore.


I hadn't seen this episode the first time around. It was okay, not great by any means. I'm efinately missing the high production values of Seasons 1 & 2. That was a cheap looking Hamptons and cheap loooking charity polo match.

Chucks wife



Solid season? Are you kidding me? Sheesh. Blind by your fandom much? This season is terrible. "Gossip Girl" is going down the drain.


I got one selution for u all!


WHY THE FUCK???????????????????????


>>> ...setting the stage for what's been a solid season so far. Ahahaha! ...You're kidding, right?


Oooh, thread hijacking alert!! Blair 215 you've inspired this. Right, if you could choose 6 episodes to repeat during hiatus, which would they be? Mine (in chronological order, not preferential): - Dare Devil
- Victor / Victrola
- Hi, society
- Much I do about nothing
- There might be blood
- It's a wonderful lie


I would give this episode a 6 out of 10. One of my least favorites of the season. Chuck & Blair's game of embarrassing cute girls was really funny. I like Carter a lot too. but the fashions were not memorable, and overall it was just...meh. For weeks when there are not new episodes airing, CW should air old classic episodes from Seasons 1 & 2- the really memorable episodes, like Victor/Victrola, Hi Society, and O Brother Where Bart Thou. This would be a great way to draw in new viewers.


I actually really liked this episode. and hell yeah Chace is HOT .SEXY.GORGEOUS. etc. and one of the best looking guys on the show the other one is my SEXY CHUCK


Gossip Girl Quotes

Serena: It doesn't make sense!
Blair: Feelings never do. They get you all confused. Then they drive you around for hours before they drop you right back where you started.

We make our own fortunes, and call them fate. And what better excuse to choose a path than to insist it's our destiny? But at the end of the day, we all have to live with our choices ... no matter who's looking over our shoulder.

Gossip Girl