Venture Brothers Review: "The Revenge Society"

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Last night, The Venture Bros. brought back several untied loose ends from season three and packed them all into an amazing half hour of television.  Questions such as what happened to Phantom Limb and the ORB were answered and you can find out how in our "The Revenge Society" recap.

The Guild Arrives

We're just here to give you some thoughts about the episode in our review:

  • We wonder how Brock would have handled things when the Guild showed up.  Unlike Sgt. Hatred's hilarious antics with Hank, we're pretty sure he would have laid low and out of their way like he did during the "Trial of the Monarch."  So for once... we're almost kind of glad to have Hatred.  Almost.
  • How hilarious was the flashback to Phantom Limb's grandfather?  We loved the council men were a bunch of kidnapped musicians including Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Eno.  Sure makes David Bowie as the sovereign make a little more sense.
  • How fitting was the ORB actually being broken to the recurring theme of failure in The Venture Bros?
  • We were so glad to see the Phantom Limb back as Revenge but couldn't believe just how much the man has aged or how crazy he became.  He was the most competent villain in the past and we hope to see more of him.
  • So glad we at least got a Dr. Girlfriend cameo, but we could have gone for some Monarch in there!
  • Where was Dr. Orpheus when the Venture Compound got raided by the entire state of Rhode Island?  We need us some magic!
  • We love how much Dr. Venture and Dean have bonded over the last several episodes.  Hank was always more of his bodyguard's kid anyways.
  • Poor, poor Billy.  When will the Venture Bros. lay off the pedophile humor.

All in all, we would say this was one of the best episodes of the season.  We have some of our favorite Venture Brothers quotes after the jump, most of which belong to Guild councilmen Red Mantle and Dragoon.

Red Mantle: Two heads are better than one.
Dragoon: What does that have to do with anything?
Red Mantle: Nothing. I've been wanting to say that all day. I got sick of waiting for an opportunity. | permalink
Red Mantle: Great, we knocked him out.
Dragoon: What is this, an episode of Gilligan's Island? Everybody gets hit once and they are instantly unconscious.
Red Mantle: Good one. Six bucks says he has amnesia when he wakes up. | permalink
Watch: They know we're stalling. And seriously, I can't come up with a way to be more intimidating.
Ward: I can! We get completely nude! Naked army! Go all Braveheart on them!
Watch: I think the Eunuch Division might gross everybody out.
Ward: Yeah, maybe. But the Women's Auxiliary, that'll rule. | permalink
Sgt. Hatred: Hank, you know about the birds and the bees, right?
Hank: For like two years now!
Sgt. Hatred: Well, you know how some bees like other bees and some birds like other birds?
Hank: Like Uncle Gentleman?
Sgt. Hatred: Right. Now there are some birds that like eggs, and eggs are fragile and can't defend themselves. So some egg lovers take experimental drugs to not like eggs. Because I don't want to like eggs.
Hank: I already know that you used to be a pedestrian.
Sgt. Hatred: Yeah, I also like bees! I've had my share of honey. | permalink
Dr. Venture [outside the bathroom]: I have a list of inappropriate behavior. Number one: this! Don't do this!
Sgt. Hatred: What's number two?
Dr. Venture: Nothing. I don't have a number two. I don't even have a list. Get out of the bathroom! | permalink

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This is quite possibly the best show on television. The Tin Machine comment had me rolling, but I agree that the Here Come The Warm Jets reference was pure gold. And Mrs. the Monarch finding she is missing a shoe...priceless.
Honestly, adultswim has had such great shows and a new season like the current Venture one is just such a great thing to behold. I can't express how much the world of the Venture Brothers has grown and still keeps outdoing itself. Man...


Haha, no I can't imagine they would, but at least the writers throw us old folks some fun references anyways!


I particularly enjoyed the 'Here come the warm jets' Eno reference. Did any kid watching Adult Swim nowadays even get that? I was like "Good grief, here's 1974 -- jumping out at me in 2009!!"

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Red Mantle: I've been piloting this bone-bag for like 73 years. I'm not giving it up to a talking pimple!
Dragoon: A talking pimple that can make you noogie himself!

Dr. Venture [outside the bathroom]: I have a list of inappropriate behavior. Number one: this! Don't do this!
Sgt. Hatred: What's number two?
Dr. Venture: Nothing. I don't have a number two. I don't even have a list. Get out of the bathroom!