Who Will Turn Werewolf on The Vampire Diaries?

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There are clearly vampires in Mystic Falls.

After last week's episode, we also know there have been witches in the town for centuries.

TV Guide, meanwhile, reports that another creature will soon make an appearance on The Vampire Diaries.

On an upcoming episode, a major male character will turn out to be a werewolf. This storyline was not part of the L.J. Smith book series; and the magazine state that the individual in question won't even know he's a werewolf at first.

Interesting. There are only a couple candidates, really: Tyler and Matt. Our money is on the latter. Debate this issue now in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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I think. That. Matt is somehow related to klaus that makes him a werewolf. You know because klaus hare a different dad than elighia but had the same mom and in anger elighas dad kill klaus's other family on his dads side of the family maybe some of them escaped and you know the rest soo there for I think Matt is going to be a werewolf ....


I think Matts mother will become a werewolf. remember the kissing thing n then being hurled over the table with Tyler? I think Tyler accidentally infected her when they were bleeding after Matt attacked Tyler for kissing his Mum. Lots of the significance of that I think was lost in everyone being so focused on Stefans bloodlust, but thats what I think. Tyler is already a werewolf, and so is his dad the Mayor, and I think Matt is going to become the glorified "Xander" character of this series, you know the normal but heroic Human in a supernatural world? Will make for some weak romance story line between him and Elena when she goes to him for advice on her crazy vamp love problems, and it would be an ideal way for him to become involved in the supernatural world around him if its something as personal as having to help his mother.


Its Tyler!!!
Read the books!!!!!!!!!!


tyler no doubt mat just wont fit the part as a werewolf and in the latest episode the founders party it was tyler and his dad who also heard the noise that only the vampires can hear and blood was coming out of his dads ears and of course there not vampires so duh its TYLER!(plus hes beautiful!)


Its quite clearly Tyler




Actually, in the books there were werewolvs. Tyler was one.


in the books tyler is a werewolf.


Yea dat moon shot def gave it away i knew he was a wolf.


I say Tyler because in that one episode his dad was pushing him to fight jeremy but then Alaric came and saved the day, but afterwards Matt was a little mad at Tyler and said"Whats the matter with you?" and Tyler said "i dont know" and then the camera moves to the full moon.. thats just my theory though

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