Who Will Turn Werewolf on The Vampire Diaries?

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There are clearly vampires in Mystic Falls.

After last week's episode, we also know there have been witches in the town for centuries.

TV Guide, meanwhile, reports that another creature will soon make an appearance on The Vampire Diaries.

On an upcoming episode, a major male character will turn out to be a werewolf. This storyline was not part of the L.J. Smith book series; and the magazine state that the individual in question won't even know he's a werewolf at first.

Interesting. There are only a couple candidates, really: Tyler and Matt. Our money is on the latter. Debate this issue now in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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tyler will turn werewolf because they show the full moon after Tyler punch Elena's brother in episode 10


What about the new teacher, Alaric? I get a vibe from him that he could be a werewolf...I know the ring he wears has some significance. I have not read any of the books so I could be way off track here. Just a thought...


of course TYLER. on the last episode tyler punched jeremy and camera was heading to the moon and what a surprise it was ''full moon'' and jeremy says''what's wrong with you'' and then tyler said he did'nt know. And by the way i think it's genetic because that night even tyler's father told them to fight :D .... vampires,vampire slayers,witches,werewolves . It's a complete vampire story i'm really happy that this show is getting better i really must find this book series somewere :)


I think it's either Tyler or Jeremy. Really I think it's either one of them. The full moon scene kinda told off about there being a werewolf.


If Tyler was a werewolf in the books he's going to be one in the show, I think the CW are just trying to add a little suprise. If he's a wolf, is his mom a she-wolf? Allowing her to be free from all the vampire powers like we saw with Damon last episode? Sorry I've just read the first book so the tv show is brilliant but confusing!


Matt is going to become a vampire slayer. The new teacher is going to take him under his wing. Its probably gonna mess up his realtionship with caroline because she probably wont tell him Damon is a vampire. Tyler is the werewolf maybe all of the founders family of mystic falls are all different types of myths.


i think tyler cuz its in the books and matt is SUPPOSED to be the good guy!


This is what the article says "This storyline was not part of the L.J. Smith book series" Which is a lie because it IS a storyline in the books. Tyler is the werewolf in the book and I don't think they should change that. I think if they made Matt the werewolf it would just be bad.


I think we are going to see Matt become a werewolf. I don't think Tyler, because he was the one in the books, and it would be to weird for the entire plot if it was Elaina's brother.


ahhhh motherchucker....if its not someone as it is in the lj books then its not tyler...who is btw,he may be a jerk but he is hot...i do hope tyler eventually becomes a werewolf in the future...cz that is him right...btw,tyler as a werewolf wasnt killed in the books right? after they kill that guy who turned katherine,he wasnt killed rite?...anyway,tyler in the tv version isnt as jerky as book tyler...so i hope he doesnt die....tho we havent seen much of him lately....

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