Desperate Housewives Spoilers: A Look Into the Future (We Know Who Dies!)

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After weeks of hype, the 2009 finale of Desperate Housewives left viewers with more questions than answers.

Yes, a plane crashed into Wisteria Lane, leaving a couple characters dead. But while we take a moment to mourn Nurse Mona, we're left to wonder about the identity of the other deceased individual.

Is it Orson or Karl? While the bloody hand sticking out of Santa's Workshop looks ladylike, no fan in his his/her right mind thinks Bree is actually a goner.

Christmas on Desperate Housewives

So, who will be resting in peace when the series returns in January? We have the answer below, as well as a look at various future fantasies, courtesy of a unique episode.

Be warned: major Desperate Housewives spoilers ahead...

- On the show's flash forward episode, Bree is alive and dreaming of a life without Orson. However, this is merely a dream: Orson is alive, but possibly paralyzed -
while Karl is dead.

- Lynette's imagined future includes a new son, Patrick, who has cerebral palsy.

- Gabrielle also sees a vision of her children: Juanita is 20 years old and a lesbian; while Gabrielle is attempting to turn Celia into an actress.

- Susan is really fat.

- In real life, we'll learn a lot about Angie's past. In her dream sequence, a judge sentences her to life behind bars.

Despite these spoilers, there are still many issues left unanswered: Before she died, did Mona tell anyone about the Bolen family secrets she knows?

Will Lynette's saving of Celia be enough to patch things up between her and Gabrielle?

Desperate Housewives fans will need to wait until 2010 to find out.

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it clearly states that it is Karl who dies so i dunno why you lot are all 'thinking' about who is going to die, fools!


katherine or orson shoulve died :(


I know that Susan will recive a " streap tease place " becouse someone dies. So I think that Karl dies couse he is his old husband


I agree, I think it's karl--mainly bc Marc cherry said one character from s01 would die. I'm devo'd about it though..I adore smarmy Karl and all of his charming, cheating ways.




I would hate to see it be Karl that dies, I love what is evolving between him and Bree and would like to see that storyline develop. I would rather see Orson die, he has turned into a creep who does not add anything to the storyline.


Im 100% sure that it is orson who lives because on the movie-site IMDB I checked out the guy Kyle Mclachlan who plays orson is going to be in the show 2010 and in the upcoming episodes which are posted on the site. The guy richard who plays Karl wont be in the show cuz it says that he is only in the show till 2009 and not in future episodes. Sorry guys I'm really sorry too. I'm so gonna miss him, he was one of my favorite characters and him and Bree were just great togheter


@Ummm: I swear I didn't write that, who ever did it is someone being very childish. ypically for people not to just write their opinion and just forget about it. I agree with you about wikipedia, but the way it's written in there (something about Susan and Karl's will) makes it seem true as no one would ever write it like that. Besides that, the people of wikipedia control everything before it gets shown. Sad to see Karl go though :(


btw if you'd read my posts then you'd see that I DO think it's Karl....


^^ I didn't write that. It was probably the one who relied on wikipedia and can't take the fact that wikipedia could be fake.

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