Fox Releases Schedule for American Idol Season Nine

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A few weeks ago, American Idol announced its ninth season would premiere on January 12.

But Fox has now gone a few steps further and released a few important dates for the show. Along with the elimination of the Wild Card round, the competition will also return to its 24 semifinalist format.


Below, we've listed the series' upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, Jan. 12: Boston Auditions
  • Wednesday, Jan. 13: Atlanta Auditions
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19: Chicago Auditions
  • Wednesday, Jan. 20 Orlando Auditions Episode
  • Tuesday, Jan. 26: Dallas Auditions
  • Wednesday, Jan. 27: Los Angeles Auditions
  • Tuesday, Feb. 2: Denver Auditions
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3: “The Road to Hollywood” Auditions (Ellen DeGeneres debuts)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 9: Hollywood Round, Part 1
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10: Hollywood Round, Part 2
  • Tuesday, Feb. 16: Hollywood Round, Part 3
  • Wednesday, Feb. 17: Hollywood Round, Part 4 (Semifinalists Announced)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 23: Top 12 Women Perform
  • Wednesday, Feb. 24: Top 12 Men Perform
  • Thursday, Feb. 25: First Results Show
  • Tuesday, March 2: Top 10 Women Perform
  • Wednesday, March 3: Top 10 Men Perform
  • Thursday, March 4: Results Show
  • Tuesday, March 9: Top 8 Women Perform
  • Wednesday, March 10: Top 8 Men Perform
  • Thursday, March 11: Results Show (Finalists revealed)

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Glad you liked my notes above, so here's another good note for spice girl....I used to think, why doesnt she smile, all the media pictures, she looked sad. Then I heard her talk next sitting next to Kara...Please hire her full time. She's been that person, trying to get the hand up..She has the feeling of being there, and turning into Cinderalla...
and has handled it with 3 children and a happy union.... Please IDOL do us a favor, spice girl has global appeal, she has good comments that are sincere and respectful of the raw soon to be talent, or not...I thank IDOL for intoducing us the homeviewer a new side of her, and now, I'm need a full season of her comments....experienced, knowledgable and very pretty, like her eye shadow...purple....your rock us spice girl...


Kara will survive and prosper after Simons exit.... Women can far exceed expectations, don't underestimate Kara, her studio knowledge is experienced and she knows how to bring out the best in old and new talent... I say, bring on another women for Simons replacement next year.


I'm Kara Dioguardi's biggest fan...she is so talented and a true music professinal. in all aspects of the words....I love that she hung in there and lasted for another season.... Idols gain.... Kara is the most prolific songwriter of our century, she crosses over so many genres.... I like the song "Lost" Kara sang at the Country Music Museum" at LA Live this last summer...Kara has a great voice and I hope she records "Lost" one day..with her voice... Kara rocks.....I love to check out her website and listen to her hits.....Kara knows how to be a Pro.......and make a professional of others, she has a keen sense of what works in the music industry..... I watch IDOL, just for what Karea is going to say or do....Kara ia awarding winning in her own right, Kara is a super star even without being on idol. Anyone that is in the industry knows that. Happy New Year, Kara has earned her way to the "Music Royal Elite" but ---has Simon recorded any songs lately??? Not... We love Simon because he never wears a tie. Just think how handsome Simon would be if he did...It might even improve his tempermental attitude....70% temper 30% mental...... I like the show on FOX "Two and 1/2 Men" I hope the times don't mess with my favorite comedy shows.... Happy New Year Fox! The network with extremely good taste! Wasnt it funny last season when Kara went on stage with bikini girl,,,,,og, that was soooooooooo funny......) Kara, girlfriend, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!