Gossip Girl Photos: "The Debarted"

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Below are some photos from next week's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Debarted." If you haven't heard already, the name should give it away: Bart Bass is back, in one way or another. Meanwhile, another character is in the hospital ...

Chuck and Bart!
S and L

What do you think landed S in this hospital bed? The car crash, probably. And what does the ghost of Bart Bass with Chuck? How will his visit shape his son?

We look forward to seeing the drama unfold, that much is for sure. Click to enlarge more pictures from the episode below and tell us what you think ...

Still the Queen
Blair Bear Picture
Serena Hospitalized!
Chair Chat
The Heir to the Bass Name

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@ steph: I TOTALLY agree with you! The whole Serena storyline is a joke. It's like some bad soap opera. I wish I knew who to blame! I will choose to blame Blake AND the writers for sucking equally.


GG has gotten so bad this season. what happened?
Gone are the gloriously delicious drama of Nate-Blair-Chuck love triangle. Now it's just... it just gets lamer and lamer. All of a sudden Nate is acting like he's been chasing after Serena for 3 years. Serena is a bratty hoe. Blair and Chuck have gotten more boring than a married couple. Rufus and Lily are married and made Serena and Dan siblings. GROSS. Jenny is going to be a drug dealer HAHAH. Eric should be the new queen.


Please Gudrun, let there be good Chair-scenes ín this episode! (and hopefully plenty of them..) I am dying over here.


this episode gotta be interesting
I expect lots of Chair :)


Who gives a damn about Serena! Slut!


"if a woman is pregnant, her vagugi get the bruises". In case nobody knew, that's how they tested for pregnancies back in 500 A.D. :-)


Put aside story line for now, I can't deny how much I love tention between Chuck and Bart. I miss this dynamic.


LOL so weird seeing Bart there! Go Nate, be Serena's knight in shining armor. :)

M archibald

Glad to see Lilly's hair. I'm so confused about this episode. The promo is really... I don't know, it got me really tense, but maybe that's because I didn't watch yesterday's ep yet.


Just like bart did last season .. Only he died:P

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