Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Treasure of Serena Madre"

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As our Treasure of Serena Madre" include classic quotes, Eric's revenge, Danessa, Stripp, and what Maureen will be plotting next ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Dorota's lamenting of the fact that Vanya has stopped "calling. And texting. And tweeting. And writing on wall." Maybe now that I've given her a shout-out, D will finally friend me!

Gossip Guy: When Blair thought her mom was pregnant and she declared the world doesn't need another Aaron Rose. So true and such a good throwback to a character we almost forgot existed. It was a dark time in our (and Serena's) lives.

Mister Meester: Blair had some classics, but Eric's self-zinger at the beginning killed me: "Sorry Rufus, but you can't really blame her. Our Thanksgivings usually end with french fries in a diner and someone being in a mental institution."

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2. Was this the best episode of the season so far?

DANdy: Is that a joke? It included a sex tape of Serena and showed nary a bare breast! WORST EPISODE EVER!

Gossip Guy: Well, since I do consider Gossip Girl Insider to be the definitive Gossip Girl reference, I'm going to have to say that with a "9.8" it is in fact the best episode of the season. And come on, it brought back Eleanor and gave Dorota a prominent story line! How could it not be the best?

Mister Meester: No doubt. The results don't lie, and with good reason. Last night saw the return of actual scandal, romantic drama we actually cared about (poor Nate), plus some humor and OMG ... Dorota!? Well done, Schwartz & Co.

3. Should Serena have gone with Tripp or stayed with Nate?

DANdy: Gone with Tripp. What fun is it to hiberNATE in the city when you can, ummm, go on a Tripp with your latest misguided boy toy.

Mister Meester: Despite Nate's pleas, you knew she was going to leave with Tripp. To paraphrase one of many funny 30 Rock quotes, bad decisions are like Gatorade to this cleavage-laden vixen ... it's like they replenish her electrolytes or something.

Gossip Guy: You kidding me? Despite my work on this site's header, I think we all know my love of the man bangs.

4. Do you want to see Dan and Vanessa as a couple?

Gossip Guy: Seriously? Gross.

DANdy: Not if it means we see more of Mrs. Abrams. She makes Dina Lohan look like an un-annoying mother that cares about her children.

Mister Meester: As much as I pine for Derena and can't help but think about their Christmas love scene in "Roman Holiday," I think this pairing makes sense for Dan. You know what they say. Sometimes it takes a threesome with your movie star girlfriend and your best friend to realize your true feelings for the latter.

It's no longer if, but just a matter of when Danessa gets together.

5. Will Eric take down Jenny? How will he try?

Gossip Guy: I'd love to think so, but until the producers see the error of their ways and make Connor Paolo a full on cast member, I just don't see how he can be the Queen of the School. Wait, is that offensive?

Mister Meester: I don't really buy Eric as the vengeful type, but J does need to be knocked down a peg for selling out her own sort-of-brother. I just hope that eggs, Nairtinis and see-through dresses are involved in E's plans.

DANdy: Yes, and it should be easy. He'll open a window in her bedroom and watch as a strong gust of wind blows over her gaunt frame.

BONUS QUESTION: What will Maureen do with the letter?

Mister Meester: Hopefully give it back to Lily, so she can continue her relentless pursuit of a new record for most consecutive terrible places to hide damaging information from an unstable daughter. Seriously? In a coat pocket?

DANdy: Probably throw it away. I can't imagine she recycles.

Gossip Guy: Well it appears she will attempt to blackmail Serena into staying away from Tripp, only pushing her further into the arms of this apparently terrible driver.


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I'm wondering if the letter says something along the lines of Serena's father not really being her real father. Like maybe he was just going along with it for Lily (child support/no scandal) or he was already married to someone else before Lily because Serena threw the letter at her mom and saying her mom had no right to judge her. And in the preview for next weeks epi, it seems kind of obvi that Maureen would use the letter for blackmail. So maybe Maureen confronts Serena about being illegitimate or something?


getting Chair off the show means killing GG
I admit I would still b watching but much much less enthusiastic, for one I wont even bother to follow GGInsider or reading and commenting any of the thread. I would just treat GG like any other show I've been watching


I completley agree with Ella. Nate stole a video of Serena and Tripp kissing so she could come crawling back to him. and to be honest if I were Serena I would be a little weirded out at the fact that Nate comes to me all of a sudden to confess his love. Umm where were you 2 months ago. I think its kinda weird how he starts to confess his love just as Serena and Tripp are getting together. I want Nate and Serena together but I also want drama and the only way thats gonna happen is if Serena and Tripp go together. ANOTHER THING if Chair is going to be this boring they might as well break them up. They are so boring together. Like an old married couple. The way they dress and the way they talk. If they act like this just get them off the show. You may hate Serena all you want but atleast her character creates drama and isnt living in some fantasy world. But thats just my opinion.


Come on, people, Serena did the right thing! 1. The show needs drama and scandal.
2. Nate fell in love with her in one day after three years in which they both slept around a lot. Yeah, they obviously missed each other. And he was so infatuated with her when she was his fake girlfriend kissing him at the White Party! O wait, he was infatuated with the old woman...
3. He stole the tape and told Maureen.
4. Chace can't act. I don't see any improvement, sorry. And he's definitely not as good as Ed! Yay for Dorota and Vanya!


I am too lazy to answer all questions, but I have to say I am happy that both Blair and Chuck got good lines, however, I am really sad that they are having no drama and no steamy scenes.
About the who-is-the-better-actor...I cannot answer that because I really have just seen Ed playing Chuck and Chace playing Nate. And I don´t care who you like, you have to agree that a good actor has more than one good role. Nevertheless, Ed IS a better actor, for many reasons but mostly because he steals every scene he is in while Chace could be confused with the wall most of the times, he is so boring and always has the same facial expression. I really hope to be wrong and start seeing the emotion you guys are all talking about.


1 - Favorite Quote: Blair about her mother having another Aaron Rose. Totally agree with Gossip Guy.
2 - Best Episode of the Season? I wouldn't go that far. It was a great episode, but almost Chairless, so NO!
3 - About Serena's "Should I stay or Should I go" thing? Well, I don't know about her, but I go with DANdy! "Gone with Tripp. What fun is it to hiberNATE in the city when you can, ummm, go on a Tripp with your latest misguided boy toy."
4 - Danessa - When has Dan joined manwhore's club?
5 - Eric taking Jenny down, Will he try? - Hope so! Go girlfriend!
6 - About Maureen and The letter: "Mister Meester: Hopefully give it back to Lily, so she can continue her relentless pursuit of a new record for most consecutive terrible places to hide damaging information from an unstable daughter. Seriously? In a coat pocket?"
7 - Bonus Question II: Vanessa's uselessness rate from 1-10: 20. Gets doubled thanks to her pain in the ass mother. What were they doing at Lilly's again??


I don't want to see Serena!!Why GG need to surround her??? I want more Chuck and Chair!!!they deserve every episode!!!!!!


im sorry but i just HAVE let my opinion be known on serena's decision to leave with tripp. i mean, WHO WOULDNT?! i dont really give a shit about nates puppy dog eyes. the pure fact that he stole the scandalous video, paraded it in front of maureen (queen of ridiculous scandals) in order to blackmail serena into staying with him and then had the audacity to beg her to stay with him. hmmm, who would you go with: the guy who threatened to out you as some political skank in front of your mother (which, in turn gets her booted from her house) or the perfect gentlemen who only now realized hes married to some psycho bitch and is leaving her, with good reason, for serena. i say she made the right choice.


1. My favorite quote is Chuck: "Hey." Nate: "Yo.". WTF?! A close second, only because I'm a middle child, is Blair: "By the way, how do you feel about having a sibling? Someone who's sole purpose on the earth is to compete with you for your parents' love and attention?".
2. Can't call that the best epsiode of the season so far cause I haven't seen half of them. I'm late coming to the table.......in my catsuit.
3. Well, it wouldn't be much of a show if she stayed with Nate, now would it?
4. DV as a couple only in the last season when all other possibilities have been exhausted.
5. Eric is no match for Jenny. Gay Guys can't be anywhere near as mean as girls can!
BQ. I don't care what Maureen does with the letter! I'm concerned about the indicators that Dorota and Eleanor are being written off the show!


Chace did a gooood job in this episode, but Nate is still 'shit'. He still goes on my nerves -.-
Serena was craaaazy though, I really? choosing trip over Nate? Even, though I *almost* hate Nate, I would have chosen him ! (*admits* he is very hot, and looked so awesome telling her not to go) But Ed Westwick is the best. He does chuck so well (even though chuck has for some reason transformed into some creepy-wise-guy-with-ugly-hair) and his quote was AWESOME
*laughs* grap ass *laughs more* Leighton is amazing 2, she play's Blair just ppeeeerfectly. And I really liked Blair's dress ! It was so amazing! I'm getting tired though of the "none Chair drama" that has been going on, but I know (or hope) its gonna change in the next episode. It just must... riiiight?

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