Grey's Anatomy Crossover Spoilers: Mark and Addison

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The Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice crossover is in full swing next month, and Mark Sloan finds himself at the center of the medical - and personal - drama.

What's the latest on McSteamy, whose daughter's pregnancy presumably leads him to seek Addison's help? It's not good news, EW reports, for you Lexie fans.

The shows return January 14. Some excerpts from Michael Ausiello's spoiler Q&A ...

Q: Stop beating around the bush about Mark and Addison. What exactly goes on between them during the Grey’s Anatomy-Private Practice crossover next month?

A: Ever heard of the phrase, “Knocking boots ’til the cows come home?”

Q: Can we get some Mark and Lexie scoop? Seriously, we’ve heard everything about what's coming up next year for everyone on Grey’s Anatomy except them.

A: Ever heard of the phrase, “Deep doo-doo?” That’s pretty much where their relationship is headed. Let’s just say Mark may not be the only one doing a little two-timing.

Friends with Benefits?

Are you excited for some potential Maddison action?

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so not looking forward to this... Mark and Lexie really care about eachother why are you making them cheat. he grew so much as a person and now their making him go right back where he started.


Mark needs to be with Callie!!!


If this is the end of Mark and Lexie, I'm leaving Grey's. Making them cheat is the worst thing...I don't care what everyone says, Mark and Addison DO NOT belong together. And making them cheat together again is somewhat de ja vu! Not even like they're bringing Addison back to Grey's so Mark and Addison's relationship isn't going to be going anywhere! Get some new material, Shonda, cuz this is just plain stupid.


HORRIBLE!!!! I love Mark and Lexie together - they're my favorite couple on the show and this is bad bad news. Seriously, can we have one stable relationship? Why cheating??? There could be jealousy, etc. but cheating...not good and I am not happy! They've done it with Derek/Addison/Mark and George/Callie/Izzie and Derek/Addison/Meredith and now looks like Alex/Izzie/?? - it's way too much. I love Grey's but right now if they do this to Mexie, I don't know if I'll honestly continue watching.


Honestly, Mark and Lexie both cheating is crazy. I love them together as a couple and this whole storyline just regresses Mark back to where he was when he first joined the show. And frankly this is all coming right out of left field. Mark and Lexie were one of the more stable couples on the show and there were no clues to suggest that there were relationship problems that would lead to cheating. At least when it was Merideth and Derek and Alex and Izzie there were problems before everything when up in smoke. Its insulting for Mark and Lexie to just fall apart so quickly. I could even understand it if they broke up during the episode then slept with someone else... but the only word I'm hearing is cheating and I don't like it. I'm very disappointed, not that an old storyline is being reused, but the abrupt manner in which its happening. I just hope whatever happens its not the end of Mark and Lexie :(


The living arrangements for Iz, Lex,Alex are still bugging me.
MerDer4EveR is right, a return of the Mer frat house just seems so backward a step. Not fair on Der who tolerated the housemates for Mer's sake. But Mer's grown and doesn't need them there anymore. But will Mark just ignore what has been previewed as him being unfaithful and carry on living with Lex. He has done that before, but Ad found out, so kicked him out. The saying 'your sins will find you out' seems to pop up a lot in GA Iz seems to be doing her own thing. I had thought Iz and Lexie to share, but if Lex does do the vertical rumba with Alex, that's not a good idea. I had thought Callie my offer Lex a refuge, but that's only across the hallway from Sloan. Hey ho


I will only love it if Mark will be leaving and going to LA.


I thought about that too. I don't think that Alex is going to welcome Izzie with open arms much live with her. And I don't think Izzie is going to want to live with Alex either. Lexie and Mark are living together in Mark's appartment. If Mark cheat or Lexie cheat. Lexie is going to move out too with nowhere to go. I really hope too that they leave Meredith and Derek alone and find somewhere else to go. They are married now and married people don't live in frat house.


Have to say my biggest concern is the reprecussions of all this projected unfaithfulness particularly the living arrangements! Is Iz going back to live with Alex in the trailer in the woods?
Will Lexie stiil reside at Marks? I do so hope that these 3 don't end back at Mer's. A totally backward step. I hope they shack up elsewhere, and leave MerDer alone!!!


That will be good. I hope it strenghtens Mark and Derricks relationship and don't destroy it. They are just now becoming friends again.

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