Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Who's Not Alex's Hookup?

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We don't know who Alex's one-night stand is on Grey's Anatomy, but we have a pretty good idea who it's not. Here's what TV Guide has to say about one recent rumor ...

Q: Some are saying that Meredith Grey is going to sleep with Alex Karev this spring on Grey's Anatomy. Please tell me it isn't true. I'm totally freaking out about this!

A: First off, we're not going to identify Alex's hookup, but we will help narrow down the list of candidates. You can take a deep breath, because everything will be fine.

Meredith and Derek's marriage by Post-It will not be torn asunder by Alex, and Callie's eyes won't be wandering back toward the men's side of the locker room either.

"Callie and Arizona get a little sexy soon," says Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona. "We see a little girl-on-girl action. America was asking for it and America got it."

Man, she knows America well!

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Oh,great,MerDer won't be ruined,how about Alex and Izzie won't be ruined? Back off of them for a little while!!!


Hmmm I just read America's post. The dude don't seem to realize he/she could get arrested for posting threats. All has to be done is his ISP number chased down and the cops got him. And his ass goes away for awhile and gets to have a g/f named John. Fun time for him. You don't threaten any one little lone and actress.


He'll hook up but he won't tell Iz cause remember the Olivia situation..and they'll work out their stuff.Whoever he hooks up with, is probably going to get knocked up and ultimitely because of this he'll tell Izzie.


make it look*


@America: TROLL. That is all...... Woohoo For some Calzone..about time! I just hope they don't "butcher" their scene or mae look...awkward. And i'm totally thinking Alex and Lexie are going to get together and Addie and Mark too. It just seems the most not-so-obvious, obvious choice. Woohoo for Calzone action!(sorry just had to say it twice!)


America Says:
December 12th, 2009 2:53 AM Arizona Robbins?? A eurasian lesbo trash with the fake American name. Oh, come on, ABC. You want America to watch your worthless propatainment junk show and you hit us with this weapon to try and stunt us. All these blog marketing trolls pretending to be dedicated fans that you horde onto the internet won't change ANYONES perception of this junk propatainment tv show. Put an end to it, ABC, or the actors will die. Starting with this one. So no one else is disturbed by this guys comment? I mean come on dude get a life. If you don't like it so much... Don't watch it.


Well KH is back filming GA. From what I read Iz will reappear in ep 12, so will Alex be very guilty and tell her? Alex and Iz were really pi**ed off with each other the last time we saw them together.
Somehow Iz is back as a doc too, I just can't imagine how she can get her job back and not all the others who got fired due to the merger. But I hope she makes potato head leave


Personally I would like to see Karev hit the sheets with Derek Shepard. Thar would make for an interseting story!


Whoever Alex ends up having the one night stand with will have to deal with him talking about his wife who he can't seem to forgive.


Well if it's Lex for Alex's infidelity, let's hope he prctices his no glove, no love policy and uses a condom. Does a drunk Alex take his one night stand to the trailer, thereby drunk driving too? I hope Lex doesn't have the one night stand with a married man who amnesia (like George)

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