Is This the End for Jessalyn Gilsig on Glee?

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Glee spoiler alert: if you have not seen this week's new episode, go watch it now and/or read our review of Mattress before going any further.

Ok? All set? Phew. That was close...

After months of deceiving husband Will in the worst way possible, Terri was finally busted last night: her fake pregnancy was discovered in an incredibly emotional, truly heart-wrenching scene.

Will stormed out and spent the night at school, causing viewers to wonder: are actress Jessalyn Gilsig's days on the show numbered? It's hard to see how the Schuester marriage survives this development.

A Busted Marriage

"[Terri was] created obviously to be an obstacle between Emma and Will," Gilsig told E! News. "They needed an obstacle, otherwise there's no show. What's been fun about it is that she's managed to emerge as a character unto herself with her own complexities."

That's for sure! Despite the painful pregnancy storyline, Gilsig did the best with what she had. We've been a fan of this actress since her stint two seasons ago on Friday Night Lights.

If she is leaving Glee, the exit won't take place until next year.

"I'll be back [to shoot] in January, so keep hope alive that Terri will stick around. I'll hang in there as long as I can."

What do you think, fans? Do you wanna see Terri remain on Glee? Either as Will's wife or in a different capacity if she and Will separate?

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Terri is hilarious if nothing else! As is Kendra. They need to keep her involved somehow-- the school nurse storyline was great but after the pillpopping I don't see them re-hiring her.


Yeah, I actually like Will/Terri MUCH BETTER than Will/Emma. Just, well, I think they've got such a really unique chemistry and sparks ;). Will/Emma will make a cute couple, but Will/Terri will make a really-unique couple.


Woohoo, I'm not the only person who thinks Terri & Will should stay together! I think they should at least try to sort out their marriage, they were together for a long time (and I like the chemistry between them). lol, I'm such a gleek.


I LOVE Terri as Will's wife. I hate how she has lied and deceived him. But when it all comes out you can see that she was just scared of loosing Will. Granted her method of keeping him was way wrong, she didn't know what else to do. I would love to see her and Will work it out in the next season. That is what I am hoping for. They have such great chemistry. Although Will and Emma would make an adorable couple, I still want Terri and Will together.


I could easily see Terri and Sue together ...


i lyk terri,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes Cindy, you're the only one who thinks that :)
j/k. I think the actress is very talented and I love the character so would her to remain on glee. I also believe strongly in institution of marriage, therefore I think that the producers of the show should put have them try to save the marriage. Plus Will (Morrison) is a nice guy, he wont just leave. :) Looking forward to next week!


I know there won't be a lot of people agreeing with me but I MUCH prefer Terri and Will together. It's NOT because they are married and I'm one of those types that feel like marriages should stick together. I just see/feel NO chemistry between Emma and Will. That and despite the twisted nature of the fake pregnancy, Terri is not a bad person at heart, and for some reason, I still empathesize and understand her fears. Plus Jessalyn is a great great actress and I love Terri's character on the show - as crazy as she can be.


I love how Jordan and Julia are the same person trying to gain support for a stupid cause.


I agree with Julia. I absolutly hate her as Will's wife, but I like her character. Will and Emma should be together and Ken and Terri should be together. Thats how the pairing should be.

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