Melrose Place Trailer Teases 2010 Return

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The addition of Heather Locklear to the Melrose Place cast was just the first move in a series of steps that has catapulted this remake into must-watch status.

Over the last few episodes, the primetime soap opera has found its over-the-top footing; placed Katie Cassidy's Ella in the spotlight; ended the boring relationship between Jonah and Riley; and given the boot to its two worst actors.

The result is the most fun you'll find on television on Tuesday nights.

Unfortunately, the show went on hiatus just as it was getting really good. But it will return in January with new episodes, faces and storylines, a few of which are teased below:

[video url="" title="2010 Promo"] [/video]

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Why end such a good thing. The last episode was sooooo good and I couldn't wait until the next season that apparently isn't going to happen. I am tired of getting hooked on shows that only make it one season. This show needs to come back, seriously!


i wish melrose place didnt have to end so soon i never missed an episode.they didnt have to cancel it they should bring it back and i was just getting used to it.if they bring it back i know that it'll get more popular please bring back melrose place!!!!!!!!!!


Oh and I hope Lauren and David stay together, they r way Hot together.... hehe. Riley is so sweet but I know she has a bad girl in there somewhere, please can u show us that side. It would be nice to see Amanda and Ella team up together too. They are just alike so y not. Michael needs to find himself a woman that can finally tame him so he can work his relationship out with his son David. AND Speaking of David, he should have his son with him, and raising him as his own, not Michael.


I was so upset when melrose had their finale sooo soon. Why is my question? It was just starting to get very interesting!!! I love Heather Locklear, and Ella, Jonah, and most of all SYDNEY. Melrose place was a real good show and I hope you all can get everything figured out soon and bring Melrose back to us fans. Me being your biggest fan of all of course.


Melrose Place Quotes

I've never seen a dead body before.


David: I have a life right now that doesn't include you.
Sydney: So, why are you here?