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WHAT!? SHE LOVES WHO?! NOT DAMON NOOOOOOOOOOOO... NO NO NO NO FREAKING WAY! NO ITS SUPPOSE TO BE DAMON AND BONNIE AND ELENA AND STEFAN!! GOD THATS SOO NOT...COOL!! :( >:( I SAY DAMON AND BONNIE!! STUPID ELENA..BITCH:p (sorry i just love this show and totally think bonnie and damon look good together) but thats just me... and yeah what about the car crash! what happen there?


Why does Elana fall in love with Damon and why is she still with Stefan????And the whole crash deal whats with that? will it even be explained?


wait is elana dating damon or stefan,,, thats my question and wat happend when she gt in the crash what happened can some one answer me............


YAY! Bonnie and Damon scenes *.* Now for that I can't wait for!!!! GAWD I MISS TVD

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