Ugly Betty: Returning to Wednesday Nights, With Special Guest Stars

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The bad news for Ugly Betty fans: the show is off the air until January 6.

The great news: that's a Wednesday.

As has been rumored for weeks, the show is abadoning its graveyard of a time slot on Friday nights and moving to the middle of the week when it returns. But that's not all:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family's Mitchell) will reprise his role as Betty's orthodontist on the January 6 installment. Among other storylines viewers can look forward to:

  • Betty surprises Matt with a gallery showing of his art work. Tony Award-winning actress Christine Ebersole (pictured below) guest stars as Frances, the gallery owner;
  • Matt Newton returns as Marc's one-night stand, Troy, who is clearly smitten with Marc;
  • Hilda struggles with whether or not to tell Bobby that he's the father of her unborn child;
  • Cal Hartley hires a major Hollywood player, Denise Ludwig, to replace Wilhemina.

As always, TV Fanatic will update our Ugly Betty music and quotes section after each new episode.

For now, get an early look at what's ahead via the following photos from "The Passion of the Betty." Click on each to enlarge...

Troy Photo
Guest Star Christine Ebersole
Troy and Marc

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I still believe that there is no place betty should be except for thursday nights pre grey's anatomy... I understand that networks need to build up a reputation for each night but thursday nights used to be sooo strong and in my opinion they are now even killing grey's anatomy. In what universe was FlashForward a good fit for Thursday nights pre-Grey's? I don't mind the show (that much!) but seriously? Why ruin a good thing? Now though I think shifting Betty to Wednesdays is a good idea - although i still believe they should have left it on Thursdays to start off the night on a lighter note and then go down a more dramatic path as night progresses. Thursdays used to have a nice tone on ABC now it's, 'Suspense' and Shonda! Mind you, I AM VERY excited to see what The Deep End has to offer and if the show is what I'm expecting it to be (Boston Legal meets Grey's Anatomy) then I think Thursday nights will work for this little Gem - I just hope it does for ABC what Grey's did when they aired it Mid-Season :)

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