A Male Mercedes: Coming to Glee!

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Glee is casting for three new roles.

The show will actually be tapping unknown actors to fill these parts, as creator Ryan Murphy has told aspiring stars to post "your talent video showing us what you can do. All the roles will be chosen form the video audition process, which is exciting and unprecedented."

But what characters will hopefuls actually be trying out for? Murphy has provided the answers:

  1. A rival for Rachel.
  2. A gay jock that becomes a boyfriend for Kurt.
  3. As Murphy puts it: “A male Mercedes!”
Mercedes Jones Pic

Murphy also describes the third role is "an R&B-singing teen," one that will seemingly start a romance with Mercedes.

When asked about this possibility by Entertainment Weekly, Murphy simply teased: "Perhaps."

In other words: Count on it!

Glee returns with new episodes on April 13. Relive some of your favorite songs from the series in our Glee music section until then.

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