Chace Crawford to Guest Star on Family Guy

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford will be taking on a different role Sunday on Family Guy as Luke, Meg's jailbird boyfriend who she helps bust out of the slammer.

Naturally, she tries to hide him at the Griffins' home, the cops bust Meg and she gets locked up herself. We can hear the hilarious Family Guy quotes already.

Here's a shot of Chace Crawford (with man-bangs and stubble) in his guest role of Luke on Sunday's episode of the long-running animated Fox series ...

Chace and Meg

Will Chace Crawford's jailbird character emote more than Nate?

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Chace has already been on family guy before, he was for example the guy who offered steroids for Peter to give to Stewie. I think the episode is called Stew-Roids.


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BTW this isn't the first time that Chace is voicing for Family Guy good for him though to be back on this


can u say lame. really wtf do we care about this. post gossip girl related shit on ur website gginsider. is that so diffcult. seems like it bc every damn second we have more worthless shit on this apparently more irrelevant website. congrats


Good for Chace.
BTW,I don't care Chair,I never ever like them.


If you want to fight then do it with your friends or something. Do not mess the others! And you know what? i want chair's spoilers too! Bad news for you guys! that's not your problem sweetie‬s! Peace & grow up! LOL.


@Diamond Tiara and @Exasperated leave christie alone. we're all going a little insane waiting for spoilers over the hiatus. why does it matter if she asked for them? it doesn't affect you.


Christie, "that's cute" counts as a comment? Really?
And just because you ask for Chair spoilers doesn't mean you'll get them. GGI is not privy to much more than you are. Get a clue and ask someone who's actually part of the show and THUS HAS THE ABILITY TO GIVE SPOILERS. I mean, it's not that hard, what with Schwartz on Twitter, Kristin, Ausiello... so nothing's off topic here! DEAR LORD, SAVE ME. You actually believe this?
It's Chair fans like you who make the rest of us look bad. Back on topic...I'm looking forward to seeing this. Looks hilarious! You can definitely tell that it's Chace ;)


Ohh my! i wanna see that.. Hahaha


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