Chuck Review: "Chuck vs. the Three Words"

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Chuck may know Kung Fu now, but Operation Bartowski was back in full effect on the second episode of Chuck's premiere last night.  With most of the setup already done in the first hour, "Chuck vs. the Three Words" was our first taste of how Intersect 2.0 will be.

The episode was a nice throwback to season one with the return of Carina (Mini Anden), who was last seen in episode four, "Chuck Versus the Wookie."  The episode also saw Vinne Jones guest starring as her tough, but sensitive fiancee Karl.

Chuck Scene

Our only issue with the episode was Chuck's annoying decision to keep insisting to talk about his feelings to Sarah in the middle of their mission.  While we're okay with much of the show reverting to its formula of previous seasons and making Chuck a bumbling idiot, we'd think he would have grown past this.

That one gripe aside, the rest of the episode was fantastic.  Morgan got to shine as he finally got his woman and stood up for himself, while Jeff and Lester are back to providing plenty of comic relief with Emmet gone.

As much as we love Tony Hale, he never really found his place on Chuck like he had in Arrested Development.  We're actually glad to have Emmet gone and the big softy, Big Mike back.  The episode made sure the Buy More employees were able to get their goofy, fun selves.

Overall, the new formula of season three appears to be working nearly perectly and we can't wait for tonight's episode.  Now for some of our favorite Chuck quotes from last night's second hour:

Morgan [about Carina]: Do you think she'll remember me? We only went on that one date and tall women have very short memories. | permalink
Morgan: Carina is not just some girl. She's basically a Swedish supermodel. The country's greatest export since Björn Borg.
Jeff: People mistake him for me all the time. | permalink
Lester: The studs inside are going to ruin our chances with the medium-hot chicks from Underwear Unlimited.
Jeff: I've been drinking this jail juice since I was in diapers, I'll challenge them to a drinking contest and they'll pass out.
Lester: By process of elimination we land the ladies. | permalink
Chuck: There's gotta be a contingency plan if enemy agents infiltrate my house. Like a button you push that calls that cavalry so they can swoop in and get everyone out. Where's the button?
Casey: Me. I'm the button. | permalink

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Do you think she'll remember me? We only went on that one date and tall women have very short memories.

Morgan [about KCrina]

Morgan: Our lives are incredible.
Chuck: Yeah incredibly average to subpar.