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Family Guy Review: "Big Man on Hippocampus"

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Yeah, that's right.  After eight seasons of pretty bizarre plotlines, Family Guy completely ran out of storylines and decided to do an amnesia episode, "Big Man on Hippocampus."

While plot lines have never been a strong point for the mantee tank that comes up with cutaway gags for Family Guy, at least they normally don't resort to such a cliche.  Unfortunately, in this episode they did.

Quagmire and Lois in Bed

When Seth McFarlane and crew tackled amneisa, they decided to take away Peter's memory of making love... ever, driving, and telephones.  Apparently Peter's amnesia took away everything but his ability to talk.

Luckily, the episode still had plenty of great jokes including plenty of ripping on Meg, some amazing Family Feud answers, a bold Adult Swim advertisement (was that part of the episode), and a hilarious cutaway to Dwayne Johnson simulating sex between Lois and Peter using dolls.

For an episode with plenty of laughs and a witty title, we're still going to give the episode a B- for its unbelievably horrible plot line.  Now for our favorite Family Guy quotes from the half hour:

Stewie [watching Lawrence of Arabia]: Who's that rather attractive woman on a camel?
Brian: That's Peter O'Toole.
Peter: You movie buffs might likes this, both of his names are slang for penis. | permalink
Richard Dawson: Name something you sit in.
Lois: A chair.
Stewie: My own feces.
Richard Dawson: Name a popular fruit.
Lois: Orange.
Stewie: Clay Aiken.
Richard Dawson: Something in your closet.
Lois: Shoes.
Stewie: A scary monster.
Richard Dawson: Your favorite holiday.
Lois: Christmas.
Stewie: 911.
Richard Dawson: Name something you do on the weekend.
Lois: Go to church.
Stewie: Black guys. | permalink
Peter [on Family Feud answering something you'd like to receive as a gift]: Well my whole family agreed on money, so I'm going to go with the flute that Captain Picard played, first in his imagination and then in real life, in the episode "The Inner Light" from Star Trek: The Next Generation. | permalink
Brian: What the hell is all this?
Peter: Well I'm a bachelor so now I invited a bunch of people over and now I'm waiting for them to leave. That's what bachelors do. | permalink

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Really, it is hilarious. The sausage in Quagmire's cart as he approaches Lois in the supermarket. Peter's explanation to Brian about how he recovered his memory: "He had an odd number of blunt instruments." I saw the episode for the first time this evening. Your reviewer isn't paying attention.