Gossip Girl Spoilers: Latest on Chuck-Blair Drama

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Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair are going to be going through a rough patch caused by Chuck, as you probably know by now. But what causes it?

What could Chuck possibly do to Blair that leads to the crisis for our beloved? Is it true that a fling with young Jenny Humphrey is involved?

Here's what E! Online has to say in its spoiler chat today ...

Q: At first I was just sad about the Chuck-Blair breakup news, but now I'm freaking the hell out. Is it true the horrible thing Chuck does is sleep with Jenny?"

"I'll never watch Gossip Girl again if that's what happens!

A: Well, don't delete that Gossip Girl season pass from your TiVo just yet, because sources assure us that this particular rumor is totally false.

Chuck and Jenny Picture

So, while we can't tell you yet what bad thing Chuck does do, we can assure that you, no, Chuck does not sleep with Jenny Humphrey. Whew.

Q: I'm so sad about Chuck and Blair breaking up on Gossip Girl! Anything new?

A: Ed Westwick says, "It all gets set on its side. Everything upside down. Things are going to get even more dramatic than they always are."

Gossip Girl boss Josh Schwartz, meanwhile, Tweeted, "Trust. #ChuckandBlair."

Believe the man. The show's executive producer is the one who made Chuck and Blair so awesome in the first place, and he wouldn't be breaking them up unless it was part of a greater plan, right?

Q: I approve of the casting of Billy Baldwin as Serena's dad. Is Daddy van der Woodsen completely evil, or does he have any redeeming qualities?

A: We'll see that William van der Woodsen does want to get back into Serena and Eric's life. That doesn't mean he's a pure good guy - his motives could be totally dark side - but at least he's no longer totally dissing his own children.

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Daph Says:
January 26th, 2010 8:23 AM
if Chuck and Blair is epic...how about Dan and Serena? They were THE epic couple before Chair. Um, no way. They were boring. They got okay AFTER Chair hooked up, but I never cared for them. Chair is epic, Dan and Serena is just.. okay. So whatever missy.


18 (61) "The Unblairable Lightness of Being"
23 (66) "Blair: Fear Eats the Soul"
Thanks to Magygg for the episode titles. 2 of them could be hinting towards Blair,s bulimia being back.(if you take ligthness in the sense of weigth - and the other one having fear and eat in the same sentence). Maybe Chuck won't be able to support her through the crisis. I just hope it's not something boring like Chuck sleeping around.


I hope the break up wont be because of Chuck cheating with another girl!
Like he hasn't done that before...so I dont believe this is the problem cos this will only make Blair hates him but not enough to make everyone hates him
whatever writers please dont make it too ugly for Chuck and "repair" Chair ASAP after they break up, I demand that!!!


@CB: yeah, so stupid. With the CB Split, The show gonna have a loooot of drama. So, we have to trust the writers, that's all. At the end of the day, they will be together‬. CB 4e.


Soo stupid to split Chuck and Blair up,really. They're gonna lose like all their viewers!




Oh, ok he's sooo rich but i don't think the law and people forget that so fast. Yeah! I hoooope he put Jack on his place! Blair & Chuck gonna have a BIG FIGTH or a chuck's BIG MISTAKE. In other recent spoiler say: Chair is going too far?.. IDK, but maybe gonna be the Wierd and bad games. No no noo. I dont believe the "cheating" thing. Chuck really loves Blair. If chuck sleeps with someone else, OMG. Ughhh. would be a disappointment.


@Derena I am soooo agree!!WTF with all those Serenate and Danessa fans!
Nate is a whore!He slept with everybody!And a whore belongs to another whore (Vanessa..*she did threesome,yuck!*) Dan should,really, date S!
Derena's been too long dating randoms!Dan's been dating too many random girls!And Serena's been sleeping with too many random boys(and she's with a whore now,forGodsake!)!! I say, fuck CHAIR, go DERENA!!!!


Ooohh..Thank GOD for the No-Chenny thing..
rrr.but i still think Chuck and Blair are so good together!They are so equal!There will be no other woman who could tame Chuck like Blair, dont u think?Or are there? Anyway,please stop the 'Serena-dates-some-random-boys' thingy. It is sooo annoying.(and wtf with Serenate?!they're done!and they should be done for good!fuck all Serenate fans!lol) And,oh,Danessa??!!The authors should have gone stark raving mad!It is so absurd!Dan do loves Vanessa,as BFF,nothing more nothing less!GOD!They have to start listening to Ladygossip!She can write the story better than them! Oh..Bring me back my sanity!


chuck kills jack and cheats on blair and she doesnt want to go near him thats basically wat im getting because im looking up the names of the episodes on youtube and well yeah its ahrd to explain

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