Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Bitch is Back Again

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The last time we saw a girl named Sparks, she was being whisked away by a faux Belarusian prince after trying to sabotage Lily and Rufus' big wedding.

But you can't eff with an effer and expect to keep her down for good.

Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) herself says that she's coming back to Gossip Girl. This season. And surprise, surprise, she's just scandalous as ever!

Here are excerpts from E! Online's spoiler column this morning ...

Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina Sparks

Q: Anything on Chuck Bass' mother on Gossip Girl? Please!

A: Michelle teases that her Gossip Girl return may have something to do with Chuck's upcoming family drama. But she may be kidding. See E! video.

Q: Is there any hope for Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl? Any at all?

A: When asked about hope for Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl, a source says "not at the moment." I suppose you're rooting for Jenny to steal Nate?

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@JeNa forever! yeah, i've read that. eee. that episode looks good. the only thing is that nate says "it seems weird bringing her here, she's a kid" or something like that. grrrr. stupid nate.


@JeNa forever! i think it would make sense for NJ to be rexplored. it was a little weird how their feelings for each other just evaporated, and they really were great together last season. and i'm really happy to hear that jenny will be growing up. i was really starting to love her character last season, and the way she and nate were paired together was kind of brilliant. but, for example at cotillion, nate seemed like he was just some kind of status symbol to jenny, and i think that's what it would be like if they were to get back together now. so if jenny ends up going back to how she was in s2, and she and nate got together, it would really make my life. maybe she'll get dethroned (because we all know that's gonna happen some time) and then she'll finally succeed in steal nate. and then maybe derena will get back together....eeep. thats my dream for gossip girl.


oh yeah baby!


derena1045. Jenny does end up growing up meaning she is not being mean to people you know like last season Jenny?Yeah she ends up like her again and i think Nate and Jenny well end up being together in the end of season 3 and start dating in season 4.Serena's Dad comes i think close to then end or comes at the last episode.SS said that she wanted to explore Nate and Jenny more when they felt the right age and I'm guessing Next season would be the right age right?She wold be like 17 going on 18 and Nate would be like 19 or 20.


the bitch better be back. and i was referring to the real one, not the nyu lameassed bitch who didn't even blow anyone because of her presence..*yawn*


I am amazed by the way Michelle Trachtenberg is playing such a vilain like Georgina. She's a very good actress. I just hope Georgina will never interfere with Chair!


agree with ponk


i think it would kind of make sense for G to take part in his family drama. maybe her causing problems for chuck is a part of revenge on blair.


sorry NJBC for the win, that's how it should be... jenny can end up with damien for all I care :p


Bout time I love Georgina.

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