Gossip Girl to Family Guy: Chace Crawford to Voice Meg's Boyfriend

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Gossip Girl's ridiculously good-looking Chace Crawford will be lending his sexy voice to Family Guy this upcoming Sunday as Luke, Meg's jailbird of a boyfriend.

In the episode, "Dial Meg for Murder," Meg will help break Luke out of jail and attempt to hide her boyfriend in the Griffins' home.  Unfortunately, the police soon bust Meg and she gets sent to the big house herself.

Meg Hides Luke

When Meg returns from the big house, she returns a hardened criminal.  We have more pictures of a tattooed, gun-wielding Meg and her convict boyfriend below.

Scary Meg and Family
Hardened Meg
Meg and Luke
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Ya know I'm pretty lenient with FG when it comes to being offensive. IMO, you can say quite a bit when you're funny. But the racism in this episode is just too much, especially at the end (when it's suggested that four black men are going to rob the store). It was racist, and it wasn't funny.