Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice Spoilers: Mark, Addison, Sam & More

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Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice return tomorrow night on ABC, and from the sneak previews and extended promo we've seen, there's little doubt Mark and Addison, well ...

Let's just say that it looks like old habits die hard for these two in the Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover event. You're either going to love it or be kind of creeped out.

While much of the focus on the Mark-Addison relations has centered on what that means for Mark and Lexie, has anyone thought to consider how it might impact Sam Bennett?

According to TV Guide, Sam's "jealousy will turn to regret, as he kicks himself for turning down Addison's previous overture." Wow. Maybe they're not ready to be just friends!

Samuel Bennett

You missed your chance, Sam!

The Grey's rumor mill is also active with reports of Callie being sick. Eeek!

For the record: Callie is not dying. She just has chicken pox and will be nursed quickly back to health ... by Arizona! Not the hot Calzona action we hoped for, but still cute!

Elsewhere on the health front, though, the news is not so open-and-shut. A rumor that Owen's terrible post-traumatic stress disorder will flare up again is no laughing matter.

"We haven't seen much of it yet, but that doesn't go away," Kevin McKidd says. "My hope is we see him be able to deal with it in a more self-sufficient, non-destructive way."

He adds: "I think Teddy coming back churns up a lot of that stuff."

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And I guess he forgot when he was six years younger than Lexie is now, he gave money to Sloan's mother to have an abortion!


I think.. Sam walks in on them too!! And I loved Mexie I really did. But damn Mark is asking way too much. Lexie is young, still a resident and he is asking to raise his grandchild with him for his daughter he barley know?! It is too much!


OMG! I never thought about who walked in on them rolling on the floor! Now I'm majorly thinking. Worst case scenario: Sam walks in. O.O Oh my gosh, I feel a little deja vu. o.o "Derek walks in and sees Mark and Addison together." Major deja vu! Cut out Derek's name and put Sam there. That's a big mess!


Having Chicken pox as an adult is not fun. I ended up with several pox marks permanently, very annoying. But Callie should be out of action for two or three weeks at the hospital. Has she given it to anyone unknowingly, cos you can be infectious before the chicken pox appears. Cindy great link, don't know whos who in PP but the raising of a baby would cramp Lexie's ambitions to be a surgeon, and she's not like her sister Molly(?)who wanted to be a young mom. Lexie still loves Mark, so if the baby isn't an issue in the future, she can get back with Mark, no problem. So neither are technically being unfaithful to each other, they've broken up. But lex's ONS partner is questionable cos he's married! But I can't understand why they would put Mark saying he's broken up with Lex out as a promo. It gives away so much, other than who walks in on Ad and mark rolling around the floor.


I don't really see Arizona being there for Callie while she is sick as her being there to rescue her again. I would assume if Arizona caught the chicken pox, Callie would be there for her too. I hope it's going to be cute material. Maybe Callie will be a total baby about itching and scratching and Arizona will have to repremand her actions, which will be funny.


OMG!!!! 24 more hrs to go....I can hardly wait...LOL!!!!


I REALLY hope something is going on between Sam and Addison! I LOVE them together!! :D


Frustration to see more of "Arizona to the rescue" but then again I'm thinking the madness may have a method in modeling for Callie the necessary emotional intimacy and involvement if theirs is to be a healthy and mature lesbian relationship. AZ is the rock when George dies, when the family disowns and disinherits Callie, when Callie is trying to get her job back plus she brought her out of the post-Erica ditch and now nurses her to health. Meanwhile in the one big opportunity Callie has had, she couldn't manage to get it right at all amidst the birthday plans and Wallace's death. Much like the early days of MerDer, perhaps we are seeing the constancy and love of one character growing another into wholeness for future happiness (with drama thrown in of course - otherwise, no show!) I hope so - what a sprakling couple Calzona make - funny, complicated with lots of possibilities for storylines.


It could, except I'm almost certain now that Cristina's running after Teddy right before the infamous "tell me what you want" scene. ARGH! What we shippers must suffer through! ;)


If Owen is having another PSTD event happen, it might explain why Christina is running in the hallway scene. It almost seem like she the only one that helps Owen when his PSTD flares up. Plus, I think Teddy is going to witness Christina helping Owen and see why they fight for their relationship everyday of their lives.

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