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Gossip Girl creator and executive producer Josh Schwartz has been Twittering up a storm about the show lately, and while he hasn't dropped any bombs, he has just revealed a couple of things you're sure to like about the show's return.

Here's his latest Tweet:

More UES. Less NYU. Sounds familiar from our message boards ...

Some other Tweets you might find interesting from the man who brings you our favorite program (as well as Chuck and before that, The OC):

  • A lot of questions about the break. CW wanted to air Gossip Girl all in a row, no repeats. It will be back March 8th, for 10 in a row.
  • Stephanie Savage is the best. Expect an epic Season 3 finale from her!!
  • You will see the return of Georgina Sparks before the end of Season 3.
  • Re: the C/B "sexy" question: More than ever. But do they go too far...?
  • J def will try to get N from S. Little J grows up when GG returns.
  • Expect N and S to do their own version of 9 1/2 Weeks.
  • Hilarious potential episode title: Inglorious Bassterds.

What do you think of these Gossip Girl spoilers and teasers? Are you more excited than ever for the show to return in March?

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In 9 1/2 weeks he ended up abusing her let's hope that doesn't happen to serenate


Ohhh men, the bitch is back (Georgina). What surprises will come with her? MARCHHHH 8TH :( comeee on.


to eminemzguril, I think that means that a lot of games will be played between them. Not all of the bad things that happen in the movie though. Just the kinky sex. But with what people would consider a happy ending instead of the 9 and 1/2 weeks ending. I personally vote for the 9 and 1/2 weeks ending, but alas, the writers won't do that.


i am da only one now understanding 9 1/2? wtf is dat?
PLEASE answer?


all i need is:
More Chuck and Blair... NO Jenny.
then i am happy.


Out of all the pairings, Nate and Vanessa seemed the most normal and realistic. She doesn't care about his background or who his family is, just who he is. I also feel the writers ended it badly last season just to push the whole Chair dynamic.
V was N's only non-fling, stable relationship.
it's not high school anymore: time for him to mature up a bit.


Ok wait, weren't S and N supposed to be a bona fide couple? I'm glad about the sex thing but I hope it doesn't mean that their relationship it's not meaningful...but I don't think so,'cause it will make the writers appear quite ridiculous...after N's confessions,etc.


OMG can't wait for Steamy Sex between Nate&Serena and Chuck&Blair!!!!!! I don't want Nate to get with Jenny!!!! I want Nate with Serena forever!!!!!!!!!


Yeeey for Serena and Nate. Waited for them for 3 years. As a journalis, would love to make an interview with Chase:) I don't know why, i found him interestinf. Not pretty, but interesting..
I think it would be weird if Jenny "stole" Nate from Serena, after all the love Nate is feeling for Serena...and some sexy sense...yeeey for that too. They are old enough and he has waited so long for her.. And as for Jenny...she was such a nice, but smart girl at season 1, now she's just a bitch. I mean, Blair, is bitchy, but with STILE, but Jenny...just bitch. I don't like her. I hope she wont get away with all the bad things she does...+ PLEASE can you write Serena's story line happier now? She's gone threw all the shit you can imagine, can she be happy, just for a while?
Also yeey for more Blair and Chuck. He has grown so much..from the total idiot and rapist in season 1, to a PERFECT gentleman..I really like his character now (I allways liked Blair :)
Well, as for Dan and Vannesa...i don't care. I liked Dan at the beginning, now he's a changed man...


Thank god they realized nobody likes NYU, dan and vanessa there make sense, but blair? cant believe she still lives at the dorms. take her out of there. and yay for more chuck, this season sucks so much because there is not enough of him, and i hope it means more chair too

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