Kevin McKidd Previews "Explosive" Grey's Anatomy Return

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Kevin McKidd (Seattle Grace trauma surgeon Dr. Owen Hunt) is doing a lot of press for Grey's Anatomy these days - and there's certainly plenty for the Scotsman to talk about!

In an interview with Fancast, Kevin shares a diagnosis of what is in Hunt’s heart and the possibly problematic "connection" that can’t ever be taken away. Excerpts below ...

Q: What’s Owen up to during the January 14 Private Practice crossover?

A: Kind of flagging up, I think. He puts decision-making by Teddy (Kim Raver) into question. In the last episode, he made it clear where the line in the sand was. But she has conflicting emotions, and that adds lot of heat to things between him and Cristina.

Q: Teddy isn’t going to undermine Cristina professionally, is she?

Owenstina and Teddy

A: In a way it’s more complicated than that, more subconscious – which is kind of a good thing and a bad thing. Owen Hunt is trying to be the guardian. Owen’s big thing is … their patients should always come first, and on Grey’s Anatomy that isn’t always the case.

Q: Owen and Cristina can’t seem to find lasting happiness as quickly as fans would like.

A: [Laughs] Is that the feedback you get? That’s interesting. I’ve said this before: If you’re a fan of a relationship or a character, or if you’re part of the creation of that, your desire is for the character to be content and happy and sort of skipping through the fields. Alas, that just does not make for good drama. That gets old really, really fast. So I understand [the fans'] frustration, but in a way that’s what TV is all about – conflict and struggle.

Q: Were you as pleasantly surprised as I was that in that private, behind-closed-doors moment with Teddy, Owen didn’t pull her into some impetuous, soap opera-like embrace?

A: I was. There’s a rogue element to Owen that I love – and we’re going to see more of that as we go through this season, with him in the ER – and when it comes to certain things in his life, he’s not the perfect guy. He’s very hotheaded and passionate, and sometimes a head-on approach isn’t the best approach, especially in relationships. So yes, I was pleased he [pushed Teddy away].

Q: There’s nothing Cristina could do that would push Owen into Teddy’s arms, is there?

A: At the moment I don’t think so. You never know, but I don’t think so. I really think his love for her is true. But I’ve done a lot of reading about people who have climbed Mt. Everest, and these guys who climb together know more about each other as a raw human being than their spouses do. They’ve seen each other at heir worst, their most stripped-down point. Similarly, Teddy and Owen have been through war together and know each other at a very raw level. That connection can’t be taken away.

Q: Outside of the romance, what is your favorite Grey’s relationship to play?

A: You saw Derek and Owen start to connect last year, when he helped Owen at his darkest point. Derek’s go through his own stuff now, and Owen is go to be quietly listening. He’s not taking sides or anything, but…. Derek feels like he’s in a vacuum at the moment with all this stuff going on with the Chief. So I’m enjoying playing that stuff.

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I've just been reading elsewhere that there is a possibility of GA running for a few more years. Yipee if we get to see MAC finish their surgical training. It has been bugging me for a long time how S7 could finish with out this being a completed storyline. We might even get to see Mcbaby (provided EP and PD are happy to continue - I do hope so)

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