More on Last Night's Big Gossip Girl Spoiler

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You've surely all heard the news and reacted to the major Gossip Girl spoiler dropped last night. We can't keep a lid on this forever, but just in case you choose not to read about it, we kept the details of this plot development after the jump.

We've done the same with today's update, in which another source confirms the report. Read on for what another TV insider has to say about the subject:

Entertainment Weekly reports that "the rumors are true: Chuck and Blair will hit a significant (and potentially irreparable) rough patch at the end of the season."
Chair in the Park

Can Chair salvage its relationship? Could this be a ruse to throw fans off? How do you feel about the situation? Tell us by leaving your comments!

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i die if the break up!!!
it went on for sooooo long about them fighting to get the other one to say "i love you", then it finally happends, and now this!?!?!?!


arrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh no wayyyy chuck and jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fuck u writers ur a bunch of assholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
like it isn't enough to ruin Chair by making C slept with V now Jenny WTF????????
I think the writers really hate Blair's character cos first it was Nate sleeping with Serena, then chuck w/ vanessa, and now chuck w/ jenny! Why dont they just do this to some other characters why must blairrrr????
I hope this isn't true cos if it is I'm boycotting the episode where this happens for sure! and I hope all true Chair fans wont watch this episode as them writers that they fucked up big time!!!!


Anybody remember when Chuck and Vanessa slept together? I'm surprised I still watched the show. So yeah, Chuck+Jenny COULD happen because they did the exact same fuckery with Chuck and Vanessa.


after reading all comments here..i'm of the idea that the writers of GG won't come up with as interesting plotlines as you guys let's wait and see what happens..we have the worst(best for some people) scenario in our minds..lets see how it plays out
love to all


yuck no chenny please!
you know one of the things thats cute & special about Chair is Blair is kinda conservative when it comes to her V...she was saving it and waited for a special moment with a special someone to lose it, and we all know how the limo scene was :)
yet I see Jenny too as someone who would want to lose it to a special someone too
so I'm just thinking if there are two girls who think Chuck is their special someone then it wouldn't be that special anymore rite? and I want Chair to be specialllllllll!!!!


fuck, ladygossip, i wish you were writing the show !! i'd like exactly the same things to happen + nate sleeps with jenny - serena breaks up with him - dan comforts her! that would be just perfect. plus, i'd like georgina to come back to her bitchy ways, but really bitchy - like in S1, when she was our favourite love-to-hate she-devil - not pathetic i'm-in'love-with-dan, which we saw this season.
and i'd like jenny to become designer again. she was really great back then and i think it would be interesting to see her struggle between being a queen and being a designer.
chuck.. i gotta admit, i loved him most back in S1 - it was sooo fucking great to watch chuck the womanizer fell in love for the first time, how jealous he was, how he didn't know anything about dealing with feelings and stuff.
blair should be more royal, less pathetic.
serena should get a job or sth. i loved her in S1, and now.. it's just sad.
dan.. hm. i loved him, when he was lonely boy, the outsider, and when he was with S.. omg. i just wish they got back together :c


No!!! Perhaps some time apart but not irreparable!!
Come on writers listen to us as you have before!
I love Chair but have no interest in Serena and Nate. That's just blah!


This is by far the worst idea they have ever had on this show. Chair is what I watch it for. They are by far the most interesting characters and they fit so well together. Breaking them up will only piss people off and cause veiwers to lose interest. Boo!


is that for real ?
jenny with chuck . then , i;m so exited .
i think i'm the only who is . - A


I think it has to do with GeorGina....

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