More on Last Night's Big Gossip Girl Spoiler

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You've surely all heard the news and reacted to the major Gossip Girl spoiler dropped last night. We can't keep a lid on this forever, but just in case you choose not to read about it, we kept the details of this plot development after the jump.

We've done the same with today's update, in which another source confirms the report. Read on for what another TV insider has to say about the subject:

Entertainment Weekly reports that "the rumors are true: Chuck and Blair will hit a significant (and potentially irreparable) rough patch at the end of the season."
Chair in the Park

Can Chair salvage its relationship? Could this be a ruse to throw fans off? How do you feel about the situation? Tell us by leaving your comments!

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everyone relax jenny and chuck is just a rumor!! haha its funny anyone belives it she's not going to sleep w/her almost raper! haha i love chuck and nothing can make me hate him even if he kills someone!


ewwwww I hope Chenny is not true!
Chenny will completely ruin Chair
Chair will never be the same again if Chenny happened not to mention its Jenny's first time!
They say they'll make Chair the Rachel & Ross of GG but the truth is even Ross has slept with some women he never slept with Phoebe!


ok if this is just a temporary thing to spice things up and we can be assured they'll get back together for good eventually I will be fine in fact this will be interesting!
BUT if the break up is for good I am gonna boycott the show and I'm sure as will most Chair fans which I think make up a whole 90% of the viewers
so GG producers I'm sure you know what to do best!


as long as they get back together and Chenny is not happening then I'm kind off fine with this ... almost ...
I could never hate Chuck ... i think ... GOD this is killing me ! I've got to know what he does?! he caaaant' sleep with jenny that makes nooo sense, and doesn't jack supposed to have something to do with this ? -.- ""
uugh ... ;(
Hope they'll get back together; for me they are the show !! But if this is what they have to do to get some more screen time, so be it. Just.Get.Them.Back.Together.In.The.End!!


I think a break-up will be good for Chair. They haven't even really been a "couple" to me this season anyway. Their just fillers. I was a COMPLETE Chair fan since the first episode of GG but they have jsut gone flat and a good break-up for them will bring back the power Chair used to have.
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens and Jack being back :) I LOVED him. Favorite villain and SEXY villain. But back to Chair. They have definitely been flat this season except a couple cutesy lines the writers have randomly thrown in. Blair is a winey bitch and Chuck just so decided he would grow up and become a business man. Chuck and Blair have just grown too far apart to be Chuck and Blair anymore.
I've said what I need to say. Now I will watch and see what happens.
And please no one yell at me. This is just my opinion.


if they don't hook up again i will never watch gg again!! they're the esence of the show!!


OMFG! chair are the best couple on tv... ever i cant believe that this is the writers "great" idea?! but then again some drama would be nice.... they just cant be apart for too long or that show is going to be screwed!
im keeping faith though:)


urghhh no please no Chenny!!!!!
Chenny would make me hate Jenny even more than I already am!
and yeah like someone said earlier, it wont be the same anymore if Chair patch up later on if Chenny really happened no matter how sweet the writers make the reconciliation...there's always be scars left in Chair fans' hearts!
but the whole Chenny thing doesn't make sense cos we know Jenny is trying to steal Nate away from Serena


Stupid writers. Well, at least I will have no more reason to watch this stupid show.


I really hope the writers aren't turning this into another Derena relationship where stuff happens and they try and keep the couple together but SO much stuff happens even the veiwers know it has to he over. Except Chair would be even worse because Chuck and Blair are much more awesome! Keep them together!!!

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Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

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