NCIS: Los Angeles Producer: Dom is Gone; No One is Safe!

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NCIS: Los Angeles began and ended last night's episode, "Missing," with the disappearance of rookie agent Dom Vaile. The story was left wide open to interpretation.

Until now. Cast member Adam Jamal Craig (Dom) is leaving the hit procedural, according to Entertainment Weekly, which spoke with snow creator Shane Brennan.

The only question is when. Pretty much the only thing clear after last night was that this is the shocking, emotional story teased by producers earlier this month.

Dom Vaile

Adam Jamal Craig (Dom Vaile) is leaving NCIS: Los Angeles.

The pilot episode of Lost originally called for Jack to be killed off immediately after establishing him as the main character. Dom is no Jack, but his departure did come out of nowhere, and seemed to be engineered to generate the same kind of shock value.

Tuesday's episode left the character’s fate very much up in the air. Is Dom dead? Will his kidnapping remain an unsolved mystery? Why was Craig written out?

Follow the jump for excerpts from EW's interview with Brennan in which he addresses the fate of Dom and more regarding this unfinished NCIS: Los Angeles business ...

Q: Where’s Dom?

Shane Brennan: He’s gone. He’s out there somewhere.

Q: Will the team continue to search for him?

Shane Brennan: They’re not about to leave one of their own unaccounted for, but life goes on. They’ve got cases to solve. So they continue to do that and wonder.

Q: How long will this story play out for?

Shane Brennan: It will arc the rest of the season ... in the great tradition of NCIS, it doesn’t mean that having answered the questions we won’t pose more.

Q: Why did you decide to write out a main cast member this early?

Shane Brennan: To my mind, particularly in the first season of a show, there is no main cast. The audience is meeting a whole bunch of characters and you get the opportunity to play around with them. I’m a great believer in playing with the audience’s expectations. No one’s safe.

Q: What was Adam’s reaction?

Shane Brennan: He was incredibly professional. Everyone’s aware that these sorts of things can happen. I warned everyone that I shake things up all the time.

And by the way, just because Dom’s missing doesn’t mean you won’t see him again. There’s blood in the car, but is he dead? Alive? What’s going to happen?

There is a powerful episode to come that will provide some resolution.

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I love NCIS, both shows, and there have been many people killed off in the original show also, Gerald, Kate, Michelle Lee, Bret Langer, who I loved by the way, Jenny Shepard, Paula Cassidy and her team, and more, actually it makes the show more believable since in real life Federal Agents die and get killed all the time, and they are probably nice guys too. I love Hetty and the team of Chris O'Donnel and LL Cool J, the only person I would like to see picked off is the Director of NCIS, or at least I would like to see him play like the leader of his teams not the main problem. I am very sorry they did away with Holly as Gibb's girlfriend, they were good together and he seemed happy, except when she was listening to the tape of Kelly playing the piano, he seemed like maybe she crossed the line then, but he would have gotten over it. I will never quit watching, I will also never agree with everything Shane Brennen does, but the shows are both amazing, and of course the NCSI LA show will take some getting used to for all of us because it is different than NCIS. Kate was wonderful but Ziva is very different and better, Macy was good, but Hetty is Amazing. Just enjoy it for what it is, The best show on tv. I even watch the USA reruns over and over. Just enjoy listening to the banter and their voices. Stop watching if you want, but as long is it is on, I will watch.


Mr. Brennan is a douche! If this was supposed to draw in the audience he missed the mark! I am so mad that Dom is gone I to am questioning whether I will watch again. When they messed with Ghost Whisper's character I quit watching and never tuned in again.


I agree with WHYNOT in that a rotating cast is mine, but it's HOW it's handled. Dom didn't even get to act in the episode. How much better would it have been as a cliff hanger if the abduction was at the end of an episode? I got online to see if anything had happened to the actor since he just disappeared. When CSI fired that one actor for drug charges, they let him go out in style. He had some good last episodes. Law & Order has a habit of people disappearing. That first detective (the heavy guy) was seen shot through a window in the beginning of an episode, but the one that really bothered me was when Dennis Farina vanished. When he came on board, it looked like he was a dirty copy with his expensive taste. Then they kinda dropped it and then he was gone. TV shows are great for continuing stories but they play it too safe. They only get rid of main characters if the actors want to leave and are too quick to bring them back if they want (remember Bobby and the "dream" season?). For me CSI MIAMI jumped the shark when they made a big deal about Horiatio getting killed all season (the graphic of the bloody bullet hole through the sunglasses pretty much said his character was going to die). And the idea that Wolf was responsible would have been a great way to end the next season. But noooo. Beginning of next season, it was all a setup. H wasn't even shot. Really sucks. I'm not really vested in NCIS LA, and this kind of writing makes me less likely to follow it. I hated how Mace was dropped, but the time between pilot and getting picked up, I can understand how she might've taken another job by then. If they bring back Dom, even if they kill him off for good, I hope they give the actor a chance to act out. PLEASE though, don't do like that one FBI show that kept having the actor come back as his brother (I think he was triplets) it was a good show, but that was way weak...


I did not care about Dom as a character. He was not really developed enough for me to identify with him. So, I could not care less if he left the show. There was no real "shock" value. However, I do agree that the next episode after it felt out of place. Like you missed something in between. I don't mind shows where they have a "rotating cast". In fact, I prefer it that way because it provides an opportunity to bring new life into the show. Think of Law & Order, Spooks (MI:5 in the USA), Doctor Who, just to name a few. However, you need to be smart about it. You let the characters build over time and then bring them to some conflict that causes their demise. Getting rid of a character this early in the show makes no sense whatsoever. Especially because we still don't know enough about them to care about them. In any case, I am still watching. The show has potential.


Hate they wrote Dom off so early. His character was a great complement to the show. If anyone had to go, it should have been the shrink.


You know in the great television tradition, you can't have more than one person of color (African American) together in a television show (DRAMA..COMEDIES ARE EXCLUDED). I think that network writers & execs think that if you do you'll mess up the space/time continiuum!!!
Look at shows like "the unit". Grey's anatomy,'s like those 80's movies when the brother gets killed in the opening credits. D*mn!


Wow. Just saw this episode. I was expecting a "To be continued" at the end, but no. I don't even want to watch the newest one now that I know that "Life goes on". This just doesn't make sense to me, After two days it goes to a cold case? Its a missing agent. You mean to tell me they would stop looking after just a few days? Wow, so much for comradery/friendship/partnership. Seriously, im pretty sure im done watching this show.


(I´m a different Elizabeth from the previous writer!)
I truly love NCIS-LA, and have never missed an episode. I found it disturbing that Dom is apparently gone, but I won´t abandon the show. I watch it for many reaons, especially for Chris O´Donnell and the rest of the team. I was not happy about writing Dom out for no good reason!!! But anyway, I´m still watching. And I like Kensey...she´s growing on me. Apparently she´s known in other markets?? (Portuguese TV??) Long live this team, and please, Shane Brennan, don´t kill off anybody else on the team. Oh, I much prefer Hetty to Mace. I loved her in "The Year of Living Dangerously"--we´re about the same age.


I have to agree with some of you. I am a hardcore NCIS LA fan, have watched every single episode, but I am considering deleting the show from my DVR schedule. I probably could've gotten over losing a main character so early, but the fact that this Brennan guy thinks I'm so loyal that he can just "shake up" the show in any way he sees fit is insulting. He can write whatever he wants, but if the fans refuse to watch, he's out of a job. I liked Dom, and was anxious to see his character evolve, much like McGee on the original. Dom's character, the rookie, added layers to both Sam and Callen's roles in the show.


I really liked this show but tonight I didn't even turn it on. I think it is stupid to write some one off this fast in the season. I don't think it is a good sign. At least the CSI waited 5 or 6 seasons. I stopped watching most of them because it is just stupid the way these writers do stuff. Maybe you should replace him and get some one that can keep a good story line going with Dom in the show.

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